Now that I’ve been hearing lot from the reputed exhibition conference held last week and checked out number of events, I’m in the passionate mood for some familiar trade shows more than ever before. But virus outbreak empties exhibition halls and events due to be held as late as the end of March have already been rescheduled, while the venue of China’s oldest and biggest trade fair, the Canton Fair, has actually suspended events until further notice.

Moreover the Relx, world’s second largest exhibitions provider behind Britain’s Informa, once held a large computer hardware show; it now hosts events on rechargeable batteries in Japan, waste technology in Russia and Info security in Mexico.

It is also seen that over the last 10, 20 years there have been dramatic developments in how people interact, whether they do that online, by video Relx Finance Director conveyed told reporters. But face to face remains a very important part for many industries.  Also the sporting occasions have additionally been hit, with the 2020 Chinese Grand Prix being postponed.

More specifically since the coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, the absence of Chinese tour groups has left hoteliers, tour operators and retailers counting the cost as one of their top spending customer groups has been forced to stay at home. China’s ministry of transport conveyed that 73 per cent fewer trips were taken by Chinese tourists over the lunar New Year holiday in 2020 compared with last year 2019.

It is illustrated that tourism largely accounts for 20 per cent of Thailand’s gross domestic product, with Chinese visitors making up a quarter of trips to the country. So while Bangkok’s shopping malls were decked out for peak season around the time of Chinese New Year, it is concluded that most visitors did not show up. Such has been the local and global economy due to this virus outbreak.