Looking for some fun new iOS games to dive into? Check out our list of the best titles for your phone, from massive RPGs to multiplayer gaming.

What are the best iPhone games?

This article should help you out. From old favourites to new releases, there are lots to choose from. You’ve come to the right place; we’ve compiled what we think are some of the best gaming experiences that you can enjoy on your iPhone now in one place.

This list has a few different genres in it, so no matter your taste, we’re sure to have something for you. You can look for anything from Genshin Impact to Candy Crush and be certain that you’ll find something that fits your style. Gamers are individuals with different qualities and the same goes for the games they enjoy. That’s why we try to be inclusive with what we offer.

Now, without any more waiting, let’s jump into our list of the top iPhone games. We have some hot recommendations for you. The best iPhone games are listed below to have happy gaming.

Raid ShadowRaid: Shadow Legends

If you like mobile games, you’ve probably heard about Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s a pretty popular game right now, and it’s easy to see why. The graphics are stunning and there are tons of things to do. You can even trade characters with your friends!

Mech ArenaMech Arena

Mech Arena first came out by the same developer of Raid: Shadow Legends. Although they share a similar name, in terms of content, these two games have very little relation to each other. This game puts you into a mech suit and then lets you fight other players from around the world who are in their mech suits. You just shoot each other until one of you dies.

As you keep playing, you’ll unlock more and more customization options on your mechs which will affect how they fight. Over time, you’ll be able to adjust your mech to suit your preferences. With each player able to do the same, battles will likely be very varied in terms of how they play out. It’s a great game to play for hours because you always want to keep going.

Epic SevenEpic Seven

Epic Seven is a new anime-inspired game. However, you’ll be playing the game itself and not merely watching it! As you might expect, it’s all about building up your hero team and sending them on their way through turn-based RPG battles.

Not only is Epic Seven free to play, but it’s also packed with beautifully animated cutscenes that give you the story of the game as it progresses. It’s much easier to feel a lot more invested in it.

Forge of EmpiresForge of Empires

Do you like strategy and city-building games? Then try out Forge of Empires, a free-to-play game that lets you build up civilizations throughout history. This game lasts for a long time.

At the start of the game, all you have is spare woodland to build your settlement. Different buildings give you different resources, like gold or building materials, and make your people happier. All that research also helps you build new buildings and upgrade existing buildings! Plus, you never know when a war might happen or when more land may need to be cultivated. There’s always content coming your way on Forge of Empires.

Rise of CultureRise of Cultures

Innogames is a company that built & developed the hugely successful Forge of Empires game. Their new game is also great and ideal for history buffs. Unlike the other 2 games, this one has 3D models which make everything feel a little more tangible. It’s a bit cuter and looks like you could create your characters & buildings too!

Rise of Cultures offers something other games don’t. You can go ahead and create stuff like Stonehenge or Italy’s famous Roman Colosseum by using famous historical cultures and resources. Employees can hold more personal schedules because AI writes so fast and never get tired. Even if you’re a cult expert at Forge of Empires, you’ll enjoy the strategic combat and building fun that’s available in Rise of Cultures.

Magic of Gathering ArenaMagic: The Gathering Arena

You’ve probably heard of Magic: At Gathering, you might only know the name and that they do trading cards. But more people don’t know that they’ve also created a mobile game – a perfect representation of their quality content.

It is always important to find the right time to get into new hobbies. MTG was never really my thing, but this app seems to be just the right opportunity for me – it’s a great way to start your magical journey without having to spend time & money on buying decks. Interactive tutorials are helpful and engaging, so I’m excited about getting started with them. If you’re already a Magic: The Gathering expert, you may have some interest in the game being available to play at any time.

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact

Genshin Impact has stellar, console-quality gameplay that scared naysayers that it couldn’t be possible to play on mobile. But this game is something – you get many characters to collect, plenty of lands to explore and some really fun events & stories happening all the time.

SupremacySupremacy 1914

Do you like going to war with the rest of the world? You should try out Supremacy 1914. It’s a long-term grand strategy game where you and a bunch of other players go head-to-head in the First World War, taking turns playing through it over weeks or even months! You can choose which country you want to play as and decide one of the paths to take, be it strengthening its military strength, boosting its economy, or experimenting with new technology.

History is being rewritten with every decision you make, so whatever becomes the outcome of this war is up to you. The game can be a bit long, but it is so easy to get into and with all the variations between the different nations, you always feel like playing again.

Conflict of NationsConflict of Nations: World War III

Supremacy 1914 is an MMO WW1 grand strategy game, and Conflict of Nations does the same for a Third World War. This gives you a lot of choices because each nation lets you do things differently in the game.

Games can last for a long time… Usually, there aren’t many shorter games. If you’d like to increase your military power or work on strengthening your economy, then it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to do that. Or if you’d like, you can focus on cutting-edge scientific developments – all of which will be important in different aspects of your empire. You’ll have to strategize to beat the other players but when you finally do, it’s gratifying.

Final FantasyFinal Fantasy VIII

There are a lot of great RPGs out there, and Final Fantasy games are definitely among the best. One of them is also now available on mobile! Play as a mercenary, follow an epic romance or just explore the expansive world aboard the Ragnarok.

The mobile version lets you play at 3x speed, turn off encounters with enemies, and max out your stats with the tap of a button

MarvelMarvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile game that all Marvel lovers need. Not only does it have favourite characters from various Marvel franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Avengers but you can make your character as well.

You have all the power in your hands, use it to upgrade your powers and make them better! The worlds you get to explore are cool. There’s a variety of environments for you to go into, from megacities with skyscrapers to deserted alleyways. And the fact you’re doing this to save the multiverse for an infinite number of worlds adds just that little bit of extra pressure, doesn’t it?

AFK ArenaAFK Arena

AFK Arena is one of the best games available, but don’t take my word for it. It’s an incomparable experience that stands out among similar games. It has to do with Lilith’s lucrative mechanics as well as its appealing aesthetic design.

If you’re looking to find the best game experience in different versions of AFK Arena, look no further. With our in-game codes list and tier list for AFK Arena, you can get a head start on your quest!

Amoung UsAmong Us

It seems like major blockbuster games are a rare occurrence these days. Thankfully, With Us came out and lived up to its hype. The game is available on pretty much everything, including consoles. It’s got the perfect mix of single-player & multiplayer gameplay to satisfy a variety of players.

candy crushCandy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush was one of the first mobile games I ever played and is still a favourite. It’s super addictive, but then you get this great sense of satisfaction when your score increases! Anyway, Candy Crush Soda Saga is one of the more recent entries and sounds worth checking out.

call of dutyCall of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile game offers you the opportunity to experience a miniature version of where ever you are. Bring your favourite Black Ops & Modern Warfare characters to this classic release and enjoys it if you’re an old COD aficionado. Alternatively, our Call of Duty: Mobile tips guide will help you learn everything you need to know.

clash royaleClash Royale

Clash Royale is a card game much like Hearthstone as it’s set in a visual format and you have to create a deck with cards. The difference is the cards come to life and fight on the battlefield, just like in traditional RTS games. It’s tricky but fun!

There’s a new game coming out that caters to deck builders- if you like the smell of cardboard. We’ve also compiled a list of the best mobile card games if you’re looking for more recommendations.

coin masterCoin Master

Those who want a game that doesn’t require that much time but still offers a sense of accomplishment should try Coin Master. All you need to do is log in every few hours, spin/bet for coins and rewards, and build up your town. Once in a while, you may get the chance to attack or raid another village which gives you more coins.

Want to make the most of Coin Master? Check our Coin Master free spins guide and the links will be updated daily.

GarenaGarena Free Fire

You’ve probably heard of Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, or even Call of Duty Mobile as there are a lot to choose from. One to keep an eye on though is Garena Free Fire. A well-worth checking out mobile battle royale!

kingdom of two crownKingdom Two Crowns

Have you been looking for a new challenge? You can now play Kingdom Two crowns on mobile, and it’ll be worth it. Playing as two monarchs trying to survive an island, you have to evade attacks from enemies that get closer each day. You can try to escape by hiring peasants and building up your defences. You’ll be able to save up enough gold for a ship that will help you escape.

If you’re interested, we’ve written a full review of Kingdom Two Crowns. And if you like this type of game, we also have some recommendations for other ones.

Mobile LegendsMobile Legends

This MOBA is for iOS devices and it shows. Thanks to streamlined touches here and there, like great touch controls & automation, and compatibility with lower-end devices, there’s no reason not to get stuck into MOBA Mobile.

Monument ValleyMonument Valley

I think Monument Valley is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It was certainly a really good one. Monument Valley is an absurdly clever puzzler that takes place in environments inspired by MC Escher’s work. You spin towers & other objects to create pathways that you have to traverse, but not everything is as straightforward as it seems!

Old School RunescapeOld School RuneScape

One of the oldest MMORPGs around remains the best, Old School RuneScape is a direct port of the PC original with servers just like on a computer. PVP is happening in real-time so you don’t have to sit at your computer and battle your opponent. You can take a break and start mining on your phone while sitting on the couch. All progress is saved, so you don’t lose any of it.

pokemonPokémon GO

Is there any argument to the contrary? Pokémon Go might not be the oldest location-based game on iOS, but it’s certainly one of the most popular. aa It’s like you can catch pokémon in real life and all it takes is for them to turn up when you least expect it. You might be out for a latte, minding your own business, when you spot a Charmander jumping out of a bush. Pokémon Go can be quite an adventure!

PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile

If you’re looking for a good mobile game to play with friends, take a try at PUBG Mobile. This multiplayer game has modes to suit whether you want to play with your friends or other players and is pretty feature-packed thanks to being, well… a smaller version of the hit battle royale shooter.


Tired of playing games? Create your own on Roblox the game development platform! With this platform, creatives can create their customizable avatar and go nuts with the customization tools available to them. They can meet up and join in games with their friends and make as many games as they see fit.

Slay the SpireSlay the Spire

It’s taken a long time to hit mobile, but better late than never. Slay the Spire is the definitive card-battling titular roguelike, which challenges you to take one of a series of different characters as high up the titular spire as possible.

Stardew ValleyStardew Valley

Ever wish there was a Harvest Moon app? Well, Stardew Valley is effectively that, only with dungeons and the ability to be in love.

Star WarStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is BioWare at its finest and one of the best western action RPGs. Star Wars was an important game for the genre because it came out on different platforms and offered people a choice to either help the Rebel Alliance or join the Imperial Stormtroopers.

Bottle LineBottom Line

The best iPhone games of 2022 are those that are available for download on the App Store. These games have been designed to be played on the iPhone and are not available for android phones.

Some of these games have been designed for children and others for adults. There is a game for everyone on this list as there is something here for everyone’s taste.