Life gets pretty anxious, and I am able to take reprieve in looking out new mobile app arrivals across a multitude of platforms, including Androids, which is always attracting me, many thanks to my Android. I like to unwind with something unique gaming features like you find out in this new Flowto app developed by Kenstic.

I heard about Flowto app coming to Play Store for a while now, and it was certainly a head-turner because of the special concept, which is, at least to me, a splendid app for users. Now that it has making successful impression on Android, I can assure you that it does not disappoint.

How to Play Flowto

  • Move from point to point and reach the end in 100 Levels.
  • Avoid obstacles or you’ll die
  • Collect colored keys to break through blocks.
  • Cross portals on your way.
  • Enjoy the relaxing music.

Important Features of Flowto

  • Easy Controls – Swipe with one finger to move left, right, up or down.
  • Tap the screen to cross a portal.
  • 100 handcrafted levels.
  • 10 Achievments to unlock
  • Different types of obstacles.
  • Mixed difficulty
  • Popular minimalistic game of skill.

I wanted to use it more, presently, the app is wholly exciting for me to use with the best features. I highly suggest if you are looking for distinctive gaming features, you will adore what Flowto app has to offer.

While I like to browse new gaming apps, I prefer to keep my brain busy with unique games that is both fun and challenging. Even though it feels like I’ve experienced almost every well-known app on Android so far, I can’t assist but keep my eye out on latest releases. But Flowto app wholly satisfies me in all aspects.


If you are looking for a quality new mobile app arrival which has some uniqueness into the mix, then you should check out Flowto app developed by Kenstic.