It is enumerated that after first launching your app, you’re about to strongly focus on developing awareness and convincing users to download it. If you expect to increase growth, you must try your current customers to continue using your app on constant basis.  There are ways to get your first 100,000 monthly mobile app users.

Incentives in Your App Keep Users Coming Back

The main key to user retention is to give your customers reasons to actively keep returning to your app. The customers will respond to incentives that make them trust that what you’re providing extensive reward that’s not available to other users. You can identify which rewards will be most valuable to your customers, and make them aware that those rewards are indeed available.

Identify the Right Incentives for your App

The incentives you select are highly dependent on the industry you serve, the specific demographics of your target users respectively as age, gender, geography and what type of value your app offers. Moreover you might find that your customer base is motivated by free or discounted products. If you discover what actually draws customers to your app, then you’ll have simpler time developing incentive structure that eventually leads to increased usage.

Make Aware of Incentives with Push Notifications

It is seen that Push notifications can be efficient way to communicate your incentive program. If customers are made aware then they must take action quickly and they’ll be motivated to act. In addition the Personalized push notifications are often well-received since they make customers think that the organization is speaking directly to them and trying to assuage their individual requirements.

Apps Need Great Marketing

In order to reach your goal of 100,000 monthly users, think about addressing them in different ways during these three distinct stages:

  • Stage of Pre-launch
  • Period of Acquisition
  • Finally User retention

With information and objectives the users will be able to move forward in developing a strategy for developing to reach your customers in each of those three phases.

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