This game is going to be a one-hell of a shooter! Destiny is build in many comparisons like a MMO-FPS but has some exceptions to the rule… Developers wanted to call it “shared world shooter”. This mostly means that the game universe is both individual and unique for each player. One of the most impressive facts is that Destiny offers a whole universe to our exploration! And it’s going to be in every way interesting.

The sad news, is obviously that we won’t reach our Destiny this year. But for games like this it’s worth to wait every second. If you still wander why there is so much hype going around Destiny, listen: “creators of Halo and Call of Duty developers present a new face of entertainment” All we know that Destiny is developed for XBOX360 and Play-station 3 and what’s not that strange – maybe even PS4.


One of the most sure things that will be implemented in the game, is a class system. Now there are 3 classes mentioned, but still we don’t know if there will be more of them in Destiny… Co-op mode was mentioned to appear in the game, but there aren’t any certain facts that game supports competitive multi-player..

This game will be a huge stone that will fall from the sky somewhere during next year. And I can tell you now, that you should prepare yourself for ongoing “revolution”. This will be truly epic-proportions experience when whole universe is alive and impressively realistic! I leave no further comment on Destiny, because as we all know it can’t be denied!