How long will we wait for the successor of the Tribes series?…This should be a matter of months..This product is in every way, my candidate to the game of the year! We will have to hold down our spinfusors for a bit, because Tribes will surely ascend, but not yet.. There are some things that have to be made clear about the newest Tribes… There’s a lot of disinformation and chaos concerning Tribes Ascend..

As we all know, Tribes were released as PC exclusive at first..Then some speculations about making a XBOX360 port begun, but a strong voice against arose in form of “free-to-play” formula being not compatible with live arcade distribution system… But now we’ve heard that Tribes Ascend is being developed for XBOX360 as a free-to-play title.. Does anybody know a real date of releasing it to the XBOX360 console?
Because I found so many different and sometimes canceling each other information in the Internet. For example, one site said that Tribes will be released this year, while the other that Tribes Ascend got already released.. So this is my open question to all of you is: when will Tribes Ascend really came out? If you are in possession of some official info please do let me know!
That’s all for today my Tribesman! Demised!