Welcome once again to the news section, where we will be commenting on the “Disney Infinity” topic… In the past, series was mentioned to be surprisingly similar to “Skylanders” franchise, though its executive producer claims that “Infinity” is a truly unique prospect… In order to further increase the difference between two games, “Infinity” offers a Toy Box mode, which allows for nearly-impossible number of combinations and options!

“There are similarities, in that we have figures, but the similarities stop there,” Vignocchi said. “Infinity is intended to be a platform for all things Disney. The play-sets inside of Infinity are new and original stories. They are open-world games.” The Toy Box mode is quite unique itself, as the developers claim: “And then of course the Toy Box mode is more Minecraft-meets-LittleBigPlanet,” he said. “It’s something totally different where we allow kids to use their imagination and take our brands to build whatever they want.”

Upon its launch in August, “Disney Infinity” will have a hard time to catch up with Activision’s “Skylanders” series, which has already cashed in about $1 billion from the sale of over 100 million toys. “Infinity” main rival, Activision claims that is not worried about Disney’s arrival in the toys-to-life department. Studio adds, that its position on the market will remain still, despite certain efforts that Disney is going to make…

“Infinity” charms with greatly animated and colorful graphics, that look like a dream and add to the overall product value… “Disney Infinity” offering can prove a “great deal” in the market sense. Newest product has enough different components to lure players to get into its world… Game has definitely a great setting, with a cast of well-known stars, that are loved by people at all ages! “Disney Infinity” includes also, a very fashionable editor, that in skilled hands can work true wonders! This function will certainly add to the replayability factor, making the game more content-rich and mature!