Everyone should still remember original BulletStorm, which in no time “stormed” the FPS genre, being a mixture of great game-play and fresh concepts. This product – upon launching the franchise – managed in gaining a huge following of fans around the whole world! Market was in obvious need of a game in a fashion of BulletStorm, because it brought a fresh and exciting look at FPS, and did it with incredible style!

Remember great guns, using turrets and introducing combos system? That was really great, and gave hardcore fans new ways of destroying their opponents, with a big smile on their face! Finally, we got official information claiming that BulletStorm sequel would be “an amazing game,” according to game developer, People Can Fly.

This remarks shouldn’t be obviously denied, because when a studio like People Can Fly works on some title, we get a certain smash-hit! Listen to the words, by the founder of People Can Fly: “It was gonna be actually more insane in a way,” He adds: “It’s still kinda believable but the pulpiness and the craziness of it was through the roof.”

Unfortunately, not every dream turns reality, as in the case of earlier mentioned BulletStorm (exactly: its sales) that, were “good, but not amazing”… Chmielarz officially admitted that it would have been a “big risk” to pursue BulletStorm 2 when sales of the original were “so-so.”

It hurts so much to watch, as one of the most successful franchises ever, goes into the sphere of “forgotten games”.. I hope that one day, truth will show the next BulletStorm to the world, wherever and whenever possible.