For those, who have been unfortunately living in the other galaxy for the last couple of years, Greenlight is a serviced hosted by Steam, which job is to promote independent gaming. Greenlight works in a simple and effective way, by displaying a list of titles that are waiting for being released…Players have an ability of voting on the products they like, thus enhancing their chances of development! Upon getting a great score, games will often go to official release!

Greenlight was lighted over 2 million times, since the launch – last August! This is extremely promising when speaking of the indie gaming market, which can receive a huge boost! There are statements coming from publishers, who would like to “greenlight” more titles, but unfortunately this is not possible at the time. “Unfortunately, we have limited resources at the moment,” said Valve, “so we cannot ship every game that we want. We’re working toward having an open platform that Gabe Newell has talked about, but we’re not there yet.”

The releasing process is quite complicated, because of Greenlight’s “hard technical limits” which limit on the number of games released by the platform. Fortunately, people at Valve are currently working in order to make the process easier! Generally the trend at Valve, is to best release regular (smaller) couples of games. This is all for now in the Greenlight department.