When everything seemed firm and steady (up to the point of a little boredom) in the Xbox department, we got an unbelievable surprise coming straight from Microsoft! Their new console system will bear the name of… take a deep breath: “Xbox Infinity”!

Microsoft, shockingly rejected the most community anticipated name (Xbox 720) just in the last minute! This can be perceived in many ways, but the most reasonable motive would be to make a completely new designation for its child, (so it won’t be associated in any way with its predecessor).

In case you wanted some proof, many sourced being a part of the console developing team made a confirmation on the statement, that it will be called Xbox Infinity. There are statements that certain development units were produced in order to work with the software developer partners. The new Xbox Infinity will be launched on May 21, at the official event…

Everything will clarify in no more than a week, when Microsoft will officially show the new Xbox to the world… Let’s hope that the name will not be an empty marketing slogan, but instead will bear real infinite options to it! And that’s all I wish everybody in this moment!