Yes, indeed we got information claiming, that Xbox 720 launch titles will be (Kinect supporting) “Ryse” and a brand-new Forza title! For those who wonder, “Ryse” history dates back to 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo when the game was announced for Xbox 360 under the name “Codename Kingdoms”. This Roman-setting title was renamed to “Ryse”, but actually never made it to the market, despite Microsoft plans..

It is said that Crytek and Microsoft Studios have completely re-made “Ryse” to match the quality standards of Xbox 720. There is a lot hype behind the game, because it is said to be the next “”Gears of War/Halo mega launch title.” This is not to say that Xbox 720 will get only one launch title! Racing car fans should smile because of new Forza and also Microsoft system will get a “zombie based title” plus a Pixar-styled family game… For those who still think this is certainly no stellar number, don’t you worry, this is just a small portion of titles upcoming for Xbox 720…

It is certainly worth mentioning of a possible scenario, when taking into account the new Microsoft console … We got information concerning the update of Xbox Live for the new system! The most important change in this department, could involve swapping Microsoft Points (MP) for real currency! This could result in more clear evaluation of games cost, that are distributed upon “live”.

A Microsoft representative said: “We do not comment on rumors or speculation. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we don’t have anything further to share at this time.”