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April 9, 2013

PS4 and second-hand games? Dissapointing Wii U?

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Written by: earnest

According to the latest Sony executives words, there is a high degree of probability that their newest child, PlayStation 4 will be “free” to play used games… Sit and listen. Sony confirmed PlayStation 4’s ability to play second-hand games, but this will depend on certain developers decisions… This means, that they will have the right to permit or block mentioned ability. We got also official information coming from GameStop, concerning launch of Wii U, which “exceeded expectations”, but failed in the terms of sales… The reasons for this were mentioned by GameStop, as Wii U marketing failed, because it has “not broken through the way that it needs to”. Target audience for the product may have a hard time, when coming to get to know the Wii U’s features.

The second problem, according to Wii U’s disappointment, are no really huge games that would sell the system itself.. There is only one excerpt to this rule, in the case of New Super Mario Bros… But even one superb title won’t menage to sell the console itself… Nintendo defends itself, claiming that Wii U’s sale will start to “take off” as soon as hit-games arrive on their system… Nintendo is currently working on new Mario (in 3d), Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and Two games from Zelda franchise…

PlayStation 4’s idea of handling used titles can be a dual-sword in practice… On one hand, it will enable gamers to play used products. But on the other, this will mean that new games won’t be bought as frequently as they used to be, because they won’t be competitive anymore in terms of price. Players will certainly prefer much cheaper second-hand games instead of new…

As we can see Nintendo isn’t in easy situation… The market is very tight and Sony and Microsoft aren’t sleeping too! In order to make its new system sell, Nintendo needs ideas that would break boundaries of gaming. I’m thinking of the era of N64… When it came to market, it was absolutely breathtaking… One thing is for sure: in a while, we will be witnessing a next-generation battle of systems!

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