We have just received official information concerning launch of PS4… Sony will release its next-generation system (PlayStation 4) across the whole world during holidays! Sony’s decision is not as obvious as you may think, if you recall PlayStation 3 launch which was released first in North America (November 2006), and then later in Europe (early 2007).

Upon taking into account all those information, I can officially state that… we are just one step from the real next-generation “explosion”. This moment is a historic while and will make changes in everything. We will observe in the next years how games will evolve and how new consoles will do on the market. We will definitely do test hardware and software and make opinions on the improvements in terms of game-play, controllers and etc.

Sony’s decision for going global in case of PS4 has a few points to discuss.. Firstly, all players will have the same level of access to the console, with no barriers or delays… I can assume, that Sony was forced to make such a decision, by overall financial and economic situation (which is not the best, to say the least). Sony will have to enable a state when PlayStation 4 could be sold everywhere possible at the launch, and assure global income.

PlayStation 4, though being a very strong system on the market, has an obvious competitors in the form of Nintendo and Microsoft…Sony will have to take every effort to make it, because we have XBox720 coming in the very near future! It will be a war of ideas, concepts and especially games. As we all know, no console can “live” without great games!