Mario Kart has a chance of becoming an extremely strong competitor on the gaming market! According to Nintendo the newest installment in the franchise is greater than ever… In terms of sales Mario Kart 8 is predicted to hit huge numbers. Nintendo claims, that it’s extremely important in a franchise like this, to keep the game-play fresh and exciting with every new update!

“I do think that the power of the brand is more powerful than ever because you have all the people who grew up on it, so you have that carryover; the fact that they still keep playing into their adult years,” Scibetta said. “And then you also have kids getting into it and you get them involved too.”

I can assure you that Mario Kart 8 easily meets all the given expectations… It will feature anti-gravity mode, a completely new vehicle type (glider) and on top of this a full multi-player support! The newest product will base on the legacy of Mario Kart and expand it in new and exciting ways!