There will be no overstatement saying that Microsoft aims extremely high in the next-generation battle! Unfortunately, some of company’s plans may not work out so well in reality…

Xbox One has a strict requirement (Internet connection) which must be met in order to run the console! This, obviously limits the users output when concerning the new system… Microsoft claims that all of the rumors on the topic, doesn’t interfere with its plans. Company clearly states, that Xbox One will become a number one of the next-generation console market, anyway!

“It’s a super passionate community of people. They’re loving what we do,” Mattrick said. “It’s very important to them and they’re opinionated. And they’re smart. So they look at all those things and say, ‘Hey, is this going to impact me in a negative way?’ And until you use it, it’s really hard to understand what all the advantages are.”

“Xbox has been created for gamers, by gamers,” Mattrick told GTTV. “I find it kind of ironic when people take a step back and think, ‘This is a company that hasn’t thought about, at its core, what it means to have great games experiences.’ So, we’re going to deliver that. And I think in the long run, we’ll build a global leading product that people are going to love and embrace.”

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360,” Mattrick said. “If you have zero access to the Internet, that is an offline device.”