Forex is shorthand for foreign exchange, that ever-changing ebb-and-flow of currencies and numbers which make up the global financial landscape. The tides have been a-changing rapidly over the last few years, with crashes, recessions, Brexits and left-of-field president’s entering the White House from, well, left-of-field. The last few years have also seen the rise and continued rise of the smartphone, a trend which doesn’t look set to abate anytime soon. You can do almost anything and everything on your smartphone these days, including forex trading; and it’s a lot more fun than slaving away at a computer screen.

Placing and managing trades is incredibly simple on an iPhone or Android; you just download one of the handy apps available, like CMC or NetDania Forex and Stocks, and away you go. These apps contain all the information you need to surf the forex like a pro, allowing you to compare and trade with all the different currencies available on earth. If you’re new to the foreign exchange, some apps will even simulate your choice of trades for you, so you can get to grips with the intricacies of trading before diving into the deep end.

Smartphones are primarily fun because they’re available to you 24-7; the markets never close, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to access to-the-minute statistics from your device. You can do it without even leaving your bed when you wake up in the morning; just like a 2017 Gordon Gecko. The versatility that smartphones bring to the foreign exchange arena is unprecedented; they provide hundreds of thousands of eager traders with a constant window into currency proceedings from across the globe.

They can be used when you’re traveling too, which is another reason why they’re so popular with traders on the go. They’re quick and simple to use; if you’re monitoring a trade that you need to check on a few times a day, there’s nothing simpler than flicking your smartphone on and having a quick peek. It saves you having to boot up the computer and accessing them through what has (shockingly) become the old fashioned way! Ultimately, smartphones are very adept at making tasks fun; this includes forex. So if you’re big into currencies but haven’t yet made the smartphone switch, what are you waiting for? Get handheld forex trading today!