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April 9, 2013

Diablo III …. on the record!

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Written by: earnest

Diablo III to say at least, is doing impressively well and scores made by the latest installment of the franchise can make your eyes nearly pop out when read. We got official information claiming that Diablo III achieves in bringing to the game every month a number of one million users! And this is certainly not the end of upcoming trend… Diablo III is soon heading to the consoles (PS3 and PS4) and will continue in adding players successively.

As for the Diablo III sales, it’s estimated that more than 12 million copies of the product were sold. When speaking of auction houses supported in Diablo III, those were used by about a half of the players. The problematic question of “auctions” was the fact, that gamers were more interested in making real money than the game itself…


As for the earlier mentioned figures there is a lot behind them! So, let’s begin with the franchise which is one of the most well-known and looked for by players around the world…. Diablo is one of those titles that is made to be one of the greatest games ever. Mainly this is caused by its developer, Blizzard that is in possession of a nearly never-ending funds for supporting such games as Diablo…

Upon having (nearly) unlimited budget, Blizzard has this incredibly rare situation when its games can be polished and upgraded until perfection! Risk of running out of budget is a case that most of the developers strive with.. Imagine a game, that is finished in 60% and in the middle of process there is a signal to stop the work! Plus, Blizzard studios can develop their games in a very long period (look at Diablo III and you will get the answer).

All this factors add up to the fact, that every title in the franchise was developed in extremely long time with a huge budget, and that allowed for nearly perfectly polished games.. The latest product in the form of Diablo III is no exception to this rule…

When taking into account all previous factors, figures concerning Diablo III sales, shouldn’t seem astonishing at all! This game was made exactly for the “ruler” role and it’s not the biggest surprise that it achieved its goal!

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