Apple can be certainly proud of its creation in the form of App Store… The digital shop is very close to reaching a barrier of 50 billion downloaded applications, as official sources claim. Apple has even launched a specific marketing strategy involving the milestone… There is a reward provided for the lucky person who succeeds in downloading the 50 billionth App! In order to better evaluate the milestone, Apple revealed detailed information on the top 25 most downloaded free and paid Apps.

The first games which managed to make it on the free list were: Words with Friends Free, Temple Run, Angry Birds Free, Draw Something Free, Fruit Ninja Free, and Pac-Man Lite. Games especially standing out on the top paid app list: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds Seasons. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, The Sims 3, and Plants vs. Zombies.
When speaking of the App Store, you just have to mention its great sales strategy!

There is a one, specialized digital platform for online sales, where all types of applications can be easily browsed… Now speaking of the App range, there is everything you could imagine in the store – including games and every type of application you can think of! Most of the titles distributed by App Store are free, you just download them and use free of charge, though they may include some form of payment in order to get “vip” or “gold” account features.

This may involve everything from getting access to a bonus level in the game to a pass unlocking whole content in the newly purchased App. When speaking of the paid Apps, there is a little difference in the distribution system… Paid Apps are downloaded just after making a payment, when the desired content is unlocked and free for your access… Now, upon taking into account all of the previously mentioned information, we can get to one final conclusion…

Firstly, App Store is a continuous “workhorse” – this means purchases are carried out in it constantly! Secondly, don’t forget the fact that nearly everyone from the whole world can access the digital store! This is evidence proving that store is a great concept in the marketing sense, because it guarantees non-stop income from everywhere! I bet that costs of running such a platform are not that massive and can be easily included in the financial App Store prospect… This is all for now in the App Store topic, until next time!