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May 11, 2013

Watch Dogs details unveiled!

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Written by: earnest

We got official information dealing with the more in-depth side of Watch Dogs… Many sources claim that both single and multi-player will overlap each other! This can be achieved, by setting the multi-player component in Chicago, where the rest of the game takes place… Developer strives very hard to achieve a coherence between those two “completely separate worlds”… Watch Dogs puts you in the shoes of Aiden Pearce, a guy using his cellphone in order to hack the city’s operating system and control security automatons…

Watch Dogs runs on a completely new engine called Disrupt, which is capable of generating really amazing textures and effects.. Game was praised for its outstanding visuals, but this feature alone won’t buy Watch Dogs a certain success on the market… Idea of putting you in the center of Chicago and giving an ability to control city’s automation is not revolutionary and was seen hundreds of times… What sounds somewhat promising, is the blend between single and multi-player … If this idea some day comes reality, this can truly become a standard in the next-generation gaming!

At this moment, game is rather hard to judge, as most of the real game-play features still remain unknown… Although Watch Dogs can be revolutionary in terms of visuals, game can prove no revelation when it comes to pure game-play! Product will have its launch November 19. This is all for now in Watch Dogs world, see you next time!

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