With so much interesting Programming languages introduced on these days, I could find my apt solace in spending time with quality programming world where coding and the related aspects are easier, faster and smoother – smarter and bug-free ones.

You could find lot of Programming languages on the cards lately, but every now and I always like to return to the latest batch of sophisticated programming languages which is expected to be in line with the requirements of global consumers.

It is happening soon and would become a constant monotony. People are working on novel ideas that will blow life into a stable practice across the genre of quality coding to make it simpler. Also the growing needs are such that people cannot do without these novel ideas.


It is becoming familiar within the JavaScript community, primarily among those who prefer functional programming, which is on the rise. So like Babel, TypeScript, and Dart, Elm transpiles to JavaScript.


It is a systems programming language specially meant to replace a lot of C and C++ development—which is why it’s surprising to view this language’s fame growing the fastest among web developers. It also makes sense when you find out that the language was developed at Mozilla, who is searching to give web developers that are forced to write low-level code a better option that’s more quality than PHP, Ruby, Python, or JavaScript.


Another key reason Kotlin has a bright future—you can easily build Android apps with it.


It is another popular language that hopes to bring C-like performance into the highly abstracted world of web developers.


It professionally achieves these performance boosts by running on the Erlang VM, which has immense performance reputation built over its 25 years in the telecom industry.