We purely experience that 3D animation is the acumen creation of characters, objects, and backgrounds in motion. If an artist develops characters, an animator perfectly enlivens them in the three-dimensional space with the help of digital technologies like 3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Houdini, Cinema 4D.

It is enumerated that these key 3D animation tools duly allow acumen experts to move objects and characters in any direction, thus, adeptly making them more believable and realistic in various environments. Moreover the 3D artists often participate in few early stages to provide required services and assure proper character with environment design.

Interestingly 3D animation is largely used in films, cartoons, commercials, and, especially, in the video game industry. To develop 3D animation, there are quality specialist animation makers with sound technical knowledge and in-depth practical experience with graphics computer software. In addition the experts can use any other software to meet specific requirement. The 3D animation studio has own approach to develop animations and unique style.

Important Stages of 3D Animation

Stage of Pre-Planning

It is enumerated that Pre planning of all stages is necessary for the animation. What are the objects/characters that will be animated? At this key stage, it is important to set objectives for each scene. Thumb nailing can be top way to greatly implement a lot of ideas in posing, actions, composition, etc.

Stage of Blocking

They are also called a layout design where the main poses of the whole animation established and shown. They are type of script for a 3D animator to follow in the process. By efficiently going through the whole scene in thumbnails, acumen specialist set the timing and “blocks” the placement of objects in each animation frame. Moreover they also manipulate on a frame-by-frame basis. In addition you have two techniques of blocking utilizing stepped or spline curves.

Stage of Proper lighting

It is also known that 3D models must be under proper light in animation. For that particular reason, numerous virtual light sources can be utilized to real-life scenes even if they are primarily related to virtual reality.

Final Stage of Rendering

So naturally when 3D models are textured and lit as needed, the rendering process begins. A specialist transfers developed images to compositing programs and adeptly extracts the necessary data from them. Then they are combined to develop the final animation frames.

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