In this modern world of apps the first place to promote your app is the app store itself. It is enumerated that most apps about 65 % are simply downloaded through a search in the Apple App Store or Google Play where millions of global visitors are searching for new apps to install on their smartphone.

Increase your app downloads with these 5 tools to promote your app.

App Store Search optimization

A better position in the search engine results page could give your app downloads a boost. Similarly apps that won’t show up in the search results will hardly get noticed. So it is better idea to take your app store optimization (ASO) and start optimizing your app for a good search result in the stores. Moreover there are many similarities between optimizing an app and optimizing websites for a good search result, comprising the use of titles, keywords and descriptions.

Search ads in the App Stores

App store advertising (ASA) takes your app promotion beyond organic search results in the app stores. With app store advertising you can run your own paid advertising campaign for your app in the stores. When a user searches for an ‘educational app’ in the app store your app shows up on top of the list. Google introduced mobile app advertising campaigns for the Play Store in 2015 in its well-known advertising program AdWords and Apple recently launched its Search Ads for the App Store.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook business offers the option to set up advertising campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook reaches a large audience and quality way to target the right people. You can select your audience by interest, age or location or even upload a contact list of your own customers to target. On Instagram followers you can professionally use several photos and videos in various ads to inspire people to download your app. It also offers precise targeting options.

Twitter is a good option to increase your app installs. More that 80 percent of Twitter users are on mobile and, latest study tells us that they have used 24 percent more apps in the past day than the average smartphone user.

AppMachine promotion page

It’s free and comes with all AppMachine apps. So use it to advertise your app among your clients. Include the link in your mail, newsletters, and social media or on your website. Your app promotion page illustrates the app icon, screenshots, title, description and offers direct download links to the app stores. Also it is also possible to use the QR code for an easy app install.

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