In a modern era of technology, your kid must know and updated with the current technology. I know it is not possible but it starts at the birth stage. Their grooming depends on the knowledge you are feeding on their mind. And if they are just passing their time by watching cartoons and playing games it impacts very badly on their physical and mental health. We see on our surrounds some kids who have very low eyesight. And picking and listening quality are too much damage. It is all happens with extra usage of smart phones.

Instead of this we should play sports with them and force them to read books but it is not possible nowadays. Because our kids do, whatever we are doing. 

So here i introducing some apps. If you are an iPhone user than these apps are good for your kid. You maybe get these apps on your android phone. I am using these apps on my iPhone 7 that’s why i suggest it for iOS users. 

So lets begin.

1. Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Coding Game.

In tech era, most of the things are dependent on the coding. Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Coding game is one of the app available free on the App store that will learn your kid the basics of coding. This app will show your kid a mystery that your kid has to solve it. The benefits your kid will get it from it is he is able to read comprehensive paragraphs and learn different basic skills of programming like sequences, loops, pattern and recognition.

2. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Code a pillar is another app avail on App store which you have to buy on only $4. Some of their levels are free. Just install the app if you doesn’t like the app delete and if you like just buy it. And i am sure you will buy this application. This app also helps your kid to increase his/her thinking level. This app will force your kid to think, plan, make a sequence and solve problems.

3. Bee-Bot

Bee-Bot is an iOS app that is available on the App store for free. It is one of the best iPhone apps for kids. It’s simple and easy to use. With the help of this app, your kid can learn directional language and programming. We all know what directional language is but for a kid it difficult to understand. This app helps to teach them. It has the following levels. The more faster and accurately you finish each level the more stars you get. Bee-Bot app is good for kids under 5.

4. Shapes Toddler Preschool

Another free and simple app available on both play store and App store. This app has very rules of education that’s why its named preschool. It involves puzzle and games of shapes, color, number and letters. The GUI of this app is designed very simple so your kid will easily understand. The basic idea of the app is to make the learning and recognition power of kids. Kid has to recognize he shapes (square, triangle, circle), symbols (up, down, left, right arrows), colors and numbers.

5. BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

BrainPOP gives you the quizzes and learning activities from the animated movies. This app specially designed for under 10 kids. It is the best iPhone app for kids as compared to the above ones. This app covers science knowledge and also social studies. Using this app, kids will learn the skill of critical thinking, questioning. This app is available in two versions. If your older kid is above 10, install the BrainPOP Featured version. You can try this app for free but when you found interest with this app, buy the app in only $7 or you can also pay $3 per month. Your kid will also face Math questions, comprehensive reading, writing tasks, Art and Technology related questions.


These are some best iPhone apps for kids. I hope your kid enjoy all of them. If you know other app related to these apps please comment below we will also add that one app in our list too. Please comment your feedback or feel free to ask any question about these apps.