While everyone in the globe seems to be integrating an e-commerce shopping cart. Also more and more organizations companies have turned to the Web to transact business. Primarily, of course, if you are going to sell on the Web, the right shopping cart can mean the difference between red and black ink.

So when shopping for your own e-commerce shopping cart software the most important aspect to consider is how well the cart software meets your business objectives. It is illustrated that an e-commerce shopping cart has to be customizable to fit your business needs and branding, be flexible enough to scale as your business grows, must be extremely secure and support industry standards and provide solid integration with payment gateways.

More importantly, open-source shopping cart softwarehttps://gegocart.com/ is an attractive option. Storeowners might look to open source e-commerce software because it will deliver the features and tools to manage a product catalog on a website without the licensing fees that come with proprietary or off-the-shelf packages.

Why to Select GegoCart?

GegoCart is an open-source solution focusing on building an enterprise grade e-commerce shopping cart and multi-vendor marketplace. Gegocart is developed as an API first design. Gegocart developed in Laravel PHP Framework and Nuxtjs.

GegoCart software is structured to cater the needs of E-Commerce Industry.  Our Idea is to make it easy for developers to add few features and also easy for developers to work on Cart or Catalog feature and design elements.

It is also stated that open source shopping cart software also offers access to communities of users including developers; storeowners and enthusiasts who freely offer community-based support and add-ons to enhance the open-source software package.

Quality Buyer App Features

Buyer App is scoped as web application for guest users and buyers. A user can register and login, search through the product catalog, add the product to the cart and checkout. The buyer user also sees his previous orders and tracks the order status.