According to a recent study, only 4% of games in development will turn a profit, and only 20% of titles that reach store shelves will be profitable. Here are some of the 3 Game Developer Success Stories 2022 listed below.


Unity LogoCreate 3D real-time projects for games, animation, film, automotive, transportation, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Visualize and simulate industrial projects in 3D, augmented, and virtual environments.

What exactly is Unity?

Unity is a game engine that can run 2D and 3D games written in C# or JavaScript.

13.1 million Visitors per month

Business rank: #1.75K

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best feature of Unity?

Support Rating receives the highest rating from reviewers, with an 8.4 rating.

Who makes use of Unity?

Small businesses are the most common Unity users (1-50 employees).

Scope of Deployment and Use Cases

Unity’s most extraordinary feature is its simple user interface, with which anyone can become acquainted quickly. Furthermore, Unity includes an asset store, which eliminates the need for users to visit another website or platform to obtain free or premium assets for their game.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • To create a game, no coding knowledge is required.
  • Indies and solo developers have a large and supportive community.
  • Asset store with a large number of valuable assets.

Why is Unity so popular?

Regarding graphics, Unity is well-known for producing high-quality, next-generation visual effects. The game engine’s highly customizable rendering technology, combined with a variety of intuitive tools, allows for the creation of fantastic-looking games.

Kongregate: Play free online games

KongregateThousands of free web and mobile games are available! Discover the best shooters, RPGs, MMOs, CCGs, tower defense, action games, and more.

Kongregate is a place for everyone. We are a pioneering web platform and game developer with a community-driven spirit dedicated to bringing joy to the world.

Monthly website traffic: 5.32 million

Business rank: #5.18K

Making Fantastic Games

Kongregate began as a web gaming destination, connecting millions of creators and players from around the world, and has since expanded to include the development of our own games across platforms. Among our most popular games are the wildly popular collectible card game Animation Throwdown, the battle royale shooter, and the Retro RPG Bit Heroes.

Innovative Technology

Today, Kongregate is returning to community-first roots to bring groundbreaking, new blockchain games. Their goal is to give players control over their gaming experience and a say in what games Kongregate create and features on

Remote First

Our goal is to search and hire the best no matter where you live. We are creating a culture of inclusivity, fun, and knowledge sharing through hangouts, game nights, and team-building events all year long with this new “work from anywhere” spirit.


AMD’s journey began with dozens of employees dedicated to developing cutting-edge semiconductor products. AMD has grown from humble beginnings to become a global firm setting the standard for modern computing through significant technological achievements and numerous industry firsts.

AMD is the market leader in high-performance and adaptive computing, powering the products and services that will define the future of data centers, artificial intelligence, PCs, gaming, communications, and automotive.

At AMD, they create high-performance computing and graphics technologies that help solve some of the world’s most challenging problems by empowering researchers, creators, inventors, and explorers.

Website traffic: 13.4M/month

Business rank: #2.29K

AMD Technologies

AMDAMD is the only firm in the world with high-performance computer and graphics technology and the expertise to combine them into custom solutions. We’re setting the standard with robust architectures built on cutting-edge process technology.

Global’s First Data Center CPU Using 3D Die Stacking

The 3rd Generation AMD EPYCTM processors with AMD 3D V-CacheTM technology, formerly codenamed “Milan-X,” feature the industry’s largest L3 cache and deliver up to 66 percent performance uplift across a wide range of targeted technical computing workloads.