Google Analytics 4 includes data segmentation and analysis tools to help you understand your respective website visitors and their customer journey. GA4 can also track your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and determine whether your SEO programs are improving your search rankings, bringing in more organic traffic, or producing more conversions, such as contact form submissions or sales.

Connect GA4 to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a Google-powered webmaster tool that shows website and SEO data, such as search terms driving organic traffic to a website, a website’s search rankings for various search terms, and aggregated organic traffic volume over time. This data can be used to determine whether your SEO efforts are assisting your website in improving its search rankings for relevant keywords or if your website is gaining more organic traffic.

Examine Landing Page Visits       

GA4 can also determine which pages organic visitors are landing on. To examine this data, navigate to GA4’s pages/screen section and create a custom segment to analyze organic traffic to see which pages your visitors are landing on. Because you want organic traffic to visit your higher-value pages, this data helps measure your SEO results.

Examine Whether Your Organic Visitors Are Converting

To determine whether organic visitors are converting to your website, use GA4’s built-in reports. You can also create exploration reports to see your organic searchers’ customer journey on your website and whether organic visitors are converting to your website — whether they’re purchasing products from you or submitting form inquiries. Whether your organic visitors are converting on your website impacts your SEO results because you could be bringing organic traffic to your website for irrelevant search terms if only a tiny percentage of your organic visitors are converting. If only a small percentage of your organic visitors (e.g., 0.1%) convert to your website, you may want to reconsider your SEO efforts and see if you’re bringing the right audience to your site.