A pig surrounded by a bunch of coins, celebrities, and millions of players, I’m naturally talking about Coin Master – one of the most profitable mobile games. Monetization is the key to its success in revenue. In this analysis, you’ll learn about many aspects of the game’s monetization, as well as its gameplay.

How Successful Is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a popular game by Moon Active. It only reached global success in 2017, so it’s kinda new. More than 1 million people play the game daily. You might have figured out that it’s pretty successful.

So far, the game has been downloaded over 290 million times worldwide. It’s also been doing well financially, earning over $3 billion in lifetime revenue. The majority of its downloads and revenue come from the US, followed by.

Growing demand for the game in the US has been observed and one of the main driving factors behind this is their approach to branding. The main focus is on US players, as you can see by how many high-profile celebrities from that country advertised it.

Yet another reason we’re the best company in the business- our ads are shown to be impactful and effective. So, remember to check out our Coin Master advertising dissection.

First Impressions

The best way to understand how a game works is to put yourself in the players’ shoes. So I played the game for the first time! The first-time user experience is really important, as we all know. This is how Coin Master helped me understand that.

In the start screen, there were two options: to sign in with your Facebook account or to play as a guest. But before that, the player agreed to the privacy policy

I was encouraged to connect my Facebook account before playing a guest. Besides being able to play with friends, players have a chance at receiving rewards if they do so.


The more carefully you do what the steps in this tutorial say, the better your chances of success.

You’ll learn how to play. I discovered that to grow my game villages, I have to spin a slot machine and hope it awards me with coins. The only other option is raiding and attacking other players’ villages which may not yield anything.

Viking lets you play your desired level before you even start playing. Plus, it lets you name your Viking. They focused on the social aspect of the game, not in-app purchases.

Game Design

Slot games are a dime-a-dozen, but Moon Active’s game doesn’t disappoint. Their features are engaging, visually appealing, and original. Working with one of the industry’s most established designers had an unexpected bonus; innovative design without sacrificing cleanliness.

The game features a simplistic art style that’s just as casual as the game itself. The start menu is easy to use and the options are straightforward. Some key elements of Unichip include its protagonist, the pig. You can find it all over the game- you’ll see it in different event offers and also every new village is themed differently. Stone Age, for example, or Sunny Hawaii. Say, for instance, you’re trying to unbox the desired item and don’t have enough keys.


When you first sign up, the slot machine and the red ‘Spin’ sign keep grabbing your attention. At the top of your screen, you’ll be able to see how much money & items you’ve collected so far.

Underneath, on the left, is our in-app store. The store icon here will only show if we have any sales or special offers going on.

The right-hand side of the home screen contains a list of all the other features that the game has. These include a village, store, news center, village shop, map, and social features.

When attacking other players’ villages, you’re taken to a special screen. It looks like an action game at first but it’s got a light and casual design. It won’t take long so don’t worry about putting too much effort into it.

Game Design

Slot games are as common as snowflakes, but Moon Active’s game is (pardon the pun) a cut above the rest. I love that they have features that are engaging to you visually, not just from a gameplay perspective. Plus, there was more than a little serendipity in working with one of the industry’s most established designers – innovative design without

The game has a very casual art style that matches the vibe it gives you. The start menu is really easy to use and what you’re looking for is usually easy to find. I’m sure you’re all interested in the pig. Throughout the game, you can find it in different event offers, and every new village is themed differently. For example, with Stone Age or Sunny Hawaii. Say, for instance, you’re trying to unbox the desired item but you don’t have enough keys.

Main Game Mechanics

The heart of the game is a traditional slot machine but there are also the other “meta” elements (in-game currencies, chat for communication with other players)

In your spare time, you can spin the slots to get coins. These coins help you level up and earn more awesome stuff!

Slot Mechanics

Spinning slot machines give you different combinations of symbols every time – similar to all casino games. The limit on spins will challenge even the most dedicated players.

Players get 5 free rounds of 10 spins every hour. This falls under the category of energy systems, which means it takes 10 hours to fill them up completely.

With more energy, players get a better chance of maxing out their coin wins in one session. They can quickly stop or go on playing.

Players enjoy short games with a natural break in between. They get to win prizes like rollercoasters and matching outfits, which are strong motivators for them to come back.

These other parts of the game exist just to keep players coming back to the slot machine.


Some people enjoy playing slots because they can get a lot of rewards. There are rounds in the game, and the rewards are different depending on what round you’re playing. For example, the chances of getting coins during the first rounds are higher. And you’ll have better chances of shielding/winning bonus spins in later rounds. The reward mechanism has been programmed to encourage you to keep playing!

PvP Gameplay

There are two ways players can PvP in this game: by attacking other settlements or raiding them. This means you’ll be the target of another player’s destruction and it will undoubtedly happen to every player. By avoiding being targeted, players can minimize the damage they take. Beyond that, each player is focused on building and strengthening their village to unlock new levels.

One way to protect your village is with shields. It’s the only way you get them and you win a shield by playing slots.

Pet Collection

Every time a new player begins the game, one of the first things they can do is unlock their starting point. You have to wait until you’ve played for a while & unlocked some rewards before doing this. It’s done at random for each village until you can use your rewards to find your starting point. Some pets/items can reward players with an expedited rate of advancement, for example, if you own a pet that can help you gain extra coins from raids.

The Social Loop

I like playing games with friends a lot. You can play with people on your Facebook and share things to gain rewards. And if you’re ever in need of anything, they might be able to help too! Revenge, social bragging rights, and other features can make the app more fun and drive up its popularity.

While CCM does have a lot of depth, what makes it so engaging are the events that happen and the resources in the game. Our main focus, for now, will be monetized with in-game currencies.

Coin Master Monetization Strategy Breakdown

Coin Master is a game in the casual and casino categories with strong social features. It’s categorized as a ̛social casino game.

Casinos are for gambling whereas casual games are for playing and having an enjoyable time. You can usually play them for free, 71% of the time; however, they will often make money through in-app purchases. Casino features come in the form of slot machine spinning which creates temptation and a social aspect can be seen when playing them with others.

That’s right, Coin Master is all about the slot machine. When you start, you’ll get a bunch of free spins on it.

As you keep playing the game, the number of free spins per level gradually decreases. You’ll need to wait a while before you can spin to get enough currency and buy more resources.

Once your free spins are over, you can either keep playing to try and beat the next bonus round or stop at that point.

Which Monetization Models Coin Master Uses?

Coin Master is a free game that can also generate revenue with in-app purchases. A lot of people buy these in-game items, so it makes sense that they account for the bulk of Coin Masters’ income.

Players who don’t want to buy anything can still enjoy the game by connecting their Facebook accounts or following the game on social media. You can also share free spins with your friends without having to pay anything at all. Players can earn in-game rewards such as armor and weapons by playing the game. Players may also choose to purchase those items with real money.

Monetization is often talked about when it comes to indie game development, but there are a lot of benefits beyond direct revenue. For example, in this article, we’ll explore how monetization can develop your game and help build your brand.

Coin Master In-App Purchases Strategy and Setup

Sometimes, you just get fed up with waiting. This is when you will want to head on over to the game store and pick up any of these items. As a mobile user, go to your home screen and tap the icon.

One type of content that you can purchase at stores is “spins”. They serve to keep the game going and grant you access. This makes them all the more exciting for players.

Playing next is all about managing their virtual currency, coins. They do this so they can buy items based on what they’re looking for. If they are more interested in building up their village, they can buy coins outright. If they mainly want to

In our game store, you will find IAPs- we have some chests for gold. You can unlock these items during gameplay, but if there is an item that is not yet visible on our store page, your best bet is to contact customer service.

The in-app purchases come in two tiers. The first tier contains coins, spins, and XP, but they are limited-time offers. If you purchase the pet collection, more items become available. Food and XP are both also purchasable through this section

Pricing Structure for In-App Purchases

The Coin Master’s store has a range of prices and offers. The first things you’ll notice are the “Spins” that have various offer amounts available. The lowest price is $1.99 for 25 spins whereas the highest is $99.99 for 600 spins.

You’re probably thinking “The more expensive a deal is, the better it’ll be”. One company with great offers gives 200 spins for $11.99. There are also many different coin offers, with six bundles priced at $5. The cheapest option is 450,000 coins for $1.99 while the most popular one is 3 million coins for $9.99 and the priciest one is 55 million coins for people who are willing to pay $99.99.The majority of App Store users that buy spins for games are more likely to purchase small packages like the “Small Spins Pack” and “Special Small Spins Pack”, than larger packages.