Casual games are perfect for mobile devices. A few levels of Monument Valley, for example, can help you relax on the bus or when you’re stressed out after work. Other games encourage creativity and exploration and are perfect if you want to be in charge of your own story. Whether or not you like games on your phone, these are worth taking a look at; they have some great visuals.

Here are some of the most popular casual games. You’ll find one for you, whether you want to build a city-aesthetic-looking town or color blocks in an adorable puzzle game! If you’re looking for a game that will make your heart rate rise, rather than go down, check out our list of the best multiplayer games for Android with controller support. You can also pair any Bluetooth controller to your device.

There are so many amazing casual games for Android, which one to choose? One of our favorites from the past is Monument Valley. The sequel, named Monument Valley 2, takes the formula of the original and improves on it. The graphics are gorgeous, the puzzles are relaxing and captivating, and a well-crafted story will keep you hooked. This game is perfect for people who just want to have some fun while they play. It features the best of the ‘genre’ and there’s no need to play the original either. Monument Valley 2 has nothing to do with Monument Valley 1 – it’s a completely stand-alone game!


GodusGodus has elements from a bunch of different gaming genres and as a result, feels fresh and original. It’s not surprising that you’ll get hooked and spend hours playing it. The article mentions how to deal with a lot of different things, but the calming graphics and simple building mechanics make Godus a really good casual game. It’s a good game for those who want a little more substance than most to their daily gaming and want an easy way out if they get bored.



Sometimes you just want to do something easy, and when you do, WorldBox is the place to go. There’s nothing quite like a world of pixelated landscapes where you can explore & create to your heart’s content or bring about the apocalypse in seconds flat. Unlike you, God doesn’t require your help to ensure the natural processes keep happening. You might destroy the world & even obliterate your entire civilization but watching it evolve is fascinating.

WorldBox is free to use, but it’s intended to show you the premium version with more things like a vast selection of creatures, control over time, and more. At just $7.99, it definitely won’t break the bank – and you’ll get so much out of this game that it’ll be worth every penny


Defend The Bits TD (PC)

Exciting games like Tower Defense are usually quick-to-play and this updated one for desktop is no exception. It’s perfect for gamers who have a spare hour or so. Defend the Bits is a unique and engaging game with Minecraft-like graphics. It has over 100 quests and 20 different character classes!


TownscaperTownscaper does not have missions, achievements, or unlocking content but luckily it has the cleverest building mechanics in any mobile game. In Townscaper you can use blocks to create a town that’s entirely your own. The algorithm that does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes works in combinations of colors, shapes and textures every time – so you’ll never deal with any monotony. It may sound simple but with no two towns ever looking the same it’s surprisingly addictive to experiment and see how many

There’s not much more to Townscaper than placing blocks, but its execution is flawless. If you’re looking for a game to relax with, give it a shot.



RavenCard games are great for people with busy lives because you can play them for a few minutes, lose track of time and come back days later to finish the game. That’s exactly what Raven does! It’s similar to Rook, but with a series of beautiful landscapes that change throughout the game.

There are some moments you don’t have regular internet access, maybe because you’re on a plane or climbing a mountain. At this moment it’s easier to use Raven, which is a no-stress app for your mobile. And if you’re busy and need some time for relaxing, just click on turn on the soothing music with calming water background and rain sounds.



Pocket City

Pocket CityPocket City, a casual-focused city builder, is the perfect game for lovers of city builders but who find the complexity challenge. This game has no microtransactions or long building cool-down times so you can play with it instantly. You won’t find ambitious city planning or high-quality celebrations in Pocket City, but you will have plenty of content with disaster triggers, recreation zones & resources for your citizens



The Battle of PolytopiaIf you love these types of strategy games like Civilization 5 but don’t have the time to play a full campaign, you should look at The Battle of Polytopia. It’s both similar and different in important ways! This is a casual strategy game that borrows a lot from Civilization. It’s an Android game and it offers something fresh for gamers.

Upgrade your tech tree, explore new lands, and dominate the map in quick pickup-and-play or longer gaming sessions. Everything is wrapped in detailed poly graphics, so it’s surprisingly realistic.



candy crush sagaCandy Crush is the most popular game in mobile casual gaming. In their new monthly updates, you have to create clear levels for a new taste of jelly. Your nemesis is the Jelly Queen and you can battle her alone or with friends.

The newest update for the game added new delicious-looking superpowers to unlock. You can see how well you are doing on the leaderboard if you log in with Facebook, and compare yourself to your friends. There are over 100 levels of sweet, silly fun to be had. You can play games for as short or as long a period as you like.


Desert Golfing

Desert GolfingThere are a lot of golf games on Android, from the perfectly-designed puzzler Golf Peaks to Desert Golfing. But don’t count out the classic yet – there’s nothing like knocking in a ball one by one for hundreds of levels! There aren’t any upgrades, power-ups, or tricky puzzles and you only have to focus on the ball and the hole. You might not think Desert Golf is much fun but there’s something beautiful in its simplicity.



RailboundRailbound was developed by Golf Peaks and it’s a charming puzzler. You’re in charge of getting two dogs from point A to point B by rail and will have to utilize some of the railway’s features along the way. A lot of kids enjoy a good old-fashioned and challenging game of chicken. But think you’ve reached your limit on the puzzles? Don’t give up! With this app, you can get to enjoy a puzzle that’ll push your skills without being bogged down with frustration.


Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

NekoCat lovers can collect lots of cats in this game, Neko Atsume. You start with only 1 cat when your property is empty, but adding toys and food will allow you to collect many more. I’m not sure what to say about this app so I’ll keep it short. The cats are nice & the tree is pretty cool. You’ll find favorites & start spending long hours on the app checking for new arrivals. This is a pretty casual game – it’s not too intense, but still fun.