Microsoft has had a tumultuous history when it comes to console launches, but the latest series of Xbox consoles is going well so far. With the price and specs of both the Series X and S at an attractive level, as well as that huge library of games, Microsoft is in a great position to continue succeeding.

Microsoft’s console strategy is unique; 7-year-old Xbox users can access the same game library as brand-new Xbox Series X owners. That makes it difficult to have different, meaningful game lists for each console. Even though Microsoft exclusives may be fewer and further between, PS4 is the best-selling game console right now. If you haven’t tried anything on Xbox One lately, maybe you should take a look at what they have to offer.

When someone is returning after a break from Xbox, we want to show them some of the new games that are out. They might want a Series X, S, One X or One S model.

The following list has games that are exclusive to Xbox as well as quality ones that can be played on different platforms. We tried our best to make a good case for why you should buy an Xbox when we saw a reason. Oh, and while it is understandable that some of you may be apprehensive about the idea of subscriptions, we think it’s worth looking into. With the Game Pass Ultimate, you can get access to a bunch of games on this list for a monthly fee.



Control is inspired by two TV series: Quantum Break and Twin Peaks. You play as a woman who is looking for her missing brother and along the way discovers that reality and imagination are not always that different. Fans of mysterious stories, science fiction, and the paranormal will be excited about this new game. The developers have taken a lot of time to create a detailed world that’s also open for exploration.

The original Xbox isn’t the best controller in terms of precision and fluidity, but the X model isn’t too slow and is much better than the PS4 Pro. Once the next generation consoles were released, a ‘5th-generation console’ edition was launched that offered ray-tracing and higher frame rates for any type of player. If you have a PS4 Pro, then we suggest buying the next-gen edition of the game because it includes all released DLC, as well as some exclusive features. This will be the edition to buy even if you don’t plan on upgrading right away.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Master Chief has a new adventure that, while it may not make total sense, is at least fun to play. The franchise was stagnant for a while, but over the last decade they’ve picked up their game. Halo seems to be going in the right direction with their new game & with great gameplay. It’s also got an exciting story, so it will be interesting to see where this goes in the next few years. The campaign is now more open and you have new ways to get to your destination. The multiplayer mode is great too because it means you always have something fresh to do. There are plenty of maps and different modes available for all types of playstyles. The game was great, but I had a hard time following the storyline. Usually, there are not many good Xbox One exclusives, but I think this one is worth checking out.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 checks off the important boxes by being a deep and complex racing game that anyone can just pick up and play, almost. This racing game features hundreds of cars that you can customize to your liking, as well as dozens of different race tracks located in a surrealistic and beautiful fictional corner of Mexico. With a higher degree of difficulty, one mistake will end your entire race.

If you’re a newbie to racing games, the Forza Horizon 5 does a great job of helping you learn while still enjoying the game. The game’s opening sequence gives you a little taste of the four different kinds of races (street, cross country, etc.), and features like the rewind button allow you to erase mistakes if you can’t complete a turn. Forza Horizon 5 is a lot of fun and it’s really easy to pick up and play. It has a wide appeal, from people looking for something to do on the side, to those who are more deeply invested in it

Gears 5

Gears 5

Gears 5 is somewhat of a mixed bag. Some parts are very well done, while others did not meet my expectations. To be honest, I couldn’t help but compare it to Gears 3 which was good overall and had no glaring flaws like Gears 5 does. If you’re a big fan of the franchise, then you might want to try it out for yourself anyway since. The cover-shooting gameplay the series helped pioneer feels great, and the campaign is well-paced & full of energy. As they stand, the various multiplayer modes are not terrible either, but unfortunately lack in key areas. It’s also a true graphical showcase, among the best-looking console games around. Microsoft designed the Xbox One for a wide variety of uses and did an excellent job optimizing with tens of high-res frames per second.

Nier: Automata


Nier: Automata finally came to Xbox One in the summer of 2018 and it was a long wait, but worth every minute. Nier is an incredibly unique take on the gameplay that’s found in Platinum Games titles. It draws inspiration from Yoko Taro, who people either love or hate. This game has plenty of opportunities for action and frantic combat, but after a while, you’ll find yourself deeply invested in the story, which is unlike anything you’ve played before. A lot of people are excited about Monster Hunter World right now, but it’s an Xbox exclusive. So if you have another console, like PS4 or Nintendo Switch, I wouldn’t say no to it.

For the best version of Nier: Automata, you’ll want to go with the One X or Series X. If not, you at least get a decent framerate on Series S and One S when compared to the PC.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the blind forest

Ori and the Blind Forest was a breath of fresh air when it arrived right at the time when Gears of War & Forza seemed to be Microsoft’s only publishing plan. It’s a blend of Super Meat Boy & other Metroidvania games that have a lot of combinations. You die a lot exploring the forest, unlocking new skills that let you reach new areas. It looks & sounds great and the story looks pretty interesting too. Plus it’s Disney-esque, which would never disappoint. Ori might not do much to push the boundaries of its genres, but everything it does, it does so right. If you’re into the first game, then its sequel is worth checking out too – it has a lot more of everything!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar’s most recent game and it is clear from the first minute that they are the masters of their field. There’s not a lot they can’t do and there’s a reason why they pour millions of dollars into development. Rockstar’s game, Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been released. It’s a simulation of the Wild West when it was on the verge of fading away and serves as a backdrop for an enthralling story with well-rounded, three-dimensional characters. While the gameplay is largely what we’ve seen before in previous Rockstar games, the writing & character development take this game

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an entertaining game and while Rockstar is yet to update it properly for next-gen consoles, Series X players can at least enjoy the best last-gen (Xbox One X) experience with faster loading times. The Series S is like the iPhone X while the One S is like the iPhone 8. The Series S has a 30 FPS lock and a faster loading time than its predecessor

Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil Village is cool. It’s a fun, gothic-looking world, and while it isn’t what the series is about anymore, it feels just as good as all of the other games in the franchise. Lots of characters and deep personalities in Village. Even the undead have a sense of humour! It’s refreshing to see vampires, werewolves, sea creatures, giants, and dolls portrayed with a dash of humour too. The game has horror, puzzle & action elements which give the player a deep sense of satisfaction. It’ll stay with you long after you’re finished. There are lots of familiar moments from the films and TV series (e.g., Umbrella Corporation’s involvement) that lead to fun gameplay.

Just one thing to note if you’re interested in purchasing it: this game might not play well on your Xbox. On Series X, things are great: There’s the option to have ray-tracing on with a few frames dropping or to turn it off for a perfect 4K/60 presentation. The Series S does OK without ray tracing, but with it turned on the framerate is poor. The One X has a great 1080p/60 mode (although the quality mode feels a little jittery). But if you’ve got an Xbox One or even an old One S, there is no comfortable way to play.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is more than just another Dark Souls game. FromSoftware has set it apart from their previous title, replacing the slow combat and gothic tone with a faster-paced battle system and stealth. Oh, and while it’s still hard, it’s a lot easier to manage than previous Souls games — you can even pause or save! The result of all these changes is something that might not look like other FromSoftware games but is still instantly recognizable as one.

One of the few games that seem to have been overlooked by its developers and publishers, despite being designed for next-gen consoles. So while it might have been feasible to offer a 60fps player experience on last-generation consoles, the game is unable to get around a 30fps lock on this kind of console.

Lost Judgement

Lost Judgement

Takayuki’s second adventure is a spin-off of an already popular series. He lives in the same district and has to deal with the same gangs that roam the streets. You might even notice a crossover from time to time, too. But instead of punching bad guys in the face in the name of justice or honor (Kiryu style), Yagami fights with his lawyer badge, drone evidence, and sometimes (read: often) his kicks.

The sequel skates even closer to a serialized TV drama, complete with fights, chases and melodrama. Anyone who’s played the game before should feel at home, but with a darker storyline that explores themes of bullying and suicide in Japanese high schools, which ties into various plots in the criminal justice system.

Lost Judgment is a deep, open-world game that has so much to offer. You can go on adventures and do lots of different things- fight, date, skateboard- the list goes on. On the PS5, it looks stunning too.

Game Pass Ultimate

Game Pass

One of the best deals (for Xbox users!) is the $15 per month Game Pass. You get a constantly updating library of games. They give warning of games coming and going, so you’ll never be disappointed that your favorite game ends up leaving the service right when you’re about to finish it. There are eleven games mentioned in this guide and 7 of these are available on game pass. The library is extensive with more than 700 games. Microsoft’s cloud service is still in beta but you’ll still have access to lots of titles on your tablet.