Mr. Phaiboon Trikanjananun, the founder of Taximail, is a digital entrepreneur who founded a web development company and used his interactions with customers to create Taximail, a digital marketing platform. He predicted that companies’ digital needs, as well as consumers’ interactions with brands, would evolve. Email marketing benefits include trackable campaigns, personalization, and improved brand communication with customers.

Email Editor with Drag-and-drop Functionality

Text, a call to action, or a block section can be easily dragged and dropped. Quickly upload and place your photo, then adjust and order your layout with a few clicks. Finally, use tool to see a preview of the outcome.


Personalise each email marketing message by inserting dynamic text fields containing subscriber information, company information, or custom values.


Determine your target audiences and define your segment conditions in your lists with multiple relevant criteria rules to send the right content to the right person.

Make Certain That Your Emails Look Great On Any Device

Make your email content compatible with all email clients and devices by previewing screenshots of your emails on more than 30 devices and apps using the Multi Screen Resolution Test and Device Simulation Preview.

Reports in Real Time

Get more sophisticated statistics1 right away after sending out your email marketing campaign on desktop, tablet, or smartphone, no matter where you are.

Email marketing automation software

Create sales funnels and run automation campaigns to increase your sales. Allow automation to handle your leads and notify you when they are ready for follow-up.

Send SMS Marketing Campaigns In Bulk

Promote your most recent promotion or special events to a database contact list. Select a list, write your message, and schedule it to be delivered whenever you want.

NOC For Bike

Final Words

Drive your business using email marketing automation. Everything you need to send email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns. Taximail helps SMEs and Large Enterprises to leverage email marketing in growing their businesses. We believe that if you can communicate effectively to your customers it will lead to an increase in sales and loyalty to your brand.