With just a few taps, you can build your own customized Scrabble-like game and enjoy hours of solo play. Whether you’re a fan of classic word games like Scrabble or prefer modern variations like Words with Friends, this app has you covered.

Free Flow Amazing Features

The standout feature of Build’n Play is its simple and intuitive user interface. Building your own game is a breeze – just follow a few easy steps after opening the app. Select the board size, dictionary, and tiles of your choice, then customize the game board by dragging and dropping special squares. Save your creation, and you’re ready to dive into your personalized crossword board game experience.

The app offers four meticulously designed built-in games – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta – which you can play solo against AI opponents. Each game encourages different strategies, allowing you to test your word mastery skills. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also customize any aspect of the game, from the board layout to letter points and bonus points, making every play session a unique and engaging experience.

Build’n Play supports multiple board sizes, including 15×15, 13×13, 11×11, and 9×9, catering to different device screens. Special squares such as double letter (2L), triple letter (3L), quadruple letter (4L), double word (DW), and triple word (TW) enhance the gameplay and add strategic depth to your moves.

Challenge yourself with the app’s six AI skill levels, ranging from beginner to master. Whether you want a leisurely game or fierce competition, you can adjust the difficulty to suit your preference.

Feeling stuck? Don’t worry – the app has you covered with its built-in Guru support. Consult the Guru for guidance on the best play, and tap a word provided by the Guru to incorporate it into your ongoing game. The Guru can even provide insights into your previous moves, allowing you to assess your performance and learn from your gameplay.

Build’n Play features dictionaries based on popular word games such as Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words with Friends. You can choose from the most frequently used words or the complete dictionary, ensuring a comprehensive and authentic word gaming experience.

Embrace the Joy Of Your Favorite Crossword Board Games With Build’n Play Solo Word Game

Experience the thrill of building and playing your custom games, challenge AI opponents, and enhance your word skills. Download Build’n Play now and immerse yourself in a world of solo word game mastery!