Gaura is India’s leading Fintech and payment solutions provider, developed by Quintus Tech Pvt Ltd. It is an app for those who are looking for an efficient payment solution for a variety of services like mobile and electricity bill payments, prepaid recharges, domestic money transfers, and more.

Key Features of Gaura: Secure Payments App

Gaura has a range of features that make it a great choice for users looking for a secure and convenient payment experience. Here are some of the key features the app has to offer:

Exciting User Interface: Gaura has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with everything at your fingertips.

High Commission: Gaura offers the highest commission across the services and industry.

Low Transaction Charges: Gaura offers low transaction charges on rent payments, using credit cards.

Industry Highest Commission: Gaura has the industry highest commission in AEPS and mATM usage.

Lowest Transaction Charges: Gaura also has the lowest transaction charges on DMT transactions.

Prepaid Card: Gaura also offers prepaid cards to your customers and earn up to Rs. 70/Card.

One Stop Solution: Gaura provides one stop solution for 30+ services including bookings, utility bill payments, prepaid recharges, and many others.

E-Rupee: Gaura also offers E-Rupee for upcoming services.

Permissions and Reasons

  • Gaura requires certain permissions to ensure a secure and seamless payment experience. These include:
  • SMS: To verify phone numbers for registration and login.
  • Location: Required by NPCI for UPI/AePS/Micro ATM transactions.
  • Contacts: To access phone numbers for sending money and recharging.
  • Images: To verify identity through KYC.
  • Call: To detect single or dual SIM and allow the user to choose.
  • Microphone: To conduct KYC video verification.


Gaura is an ideal app for users looking for a secure and convenient payment solution. It offers a range of features and services that make it a great choice for those who want to make payments quickly and securely. The app also takes privacy and security very seriously, requiring certain permissions to ensure user data is kept safe. So if you are looking for a comprehensive payment solution, Gaura is the app for you. Download it now and enjoy seamless mobile recharges, bill payments, and online payments with UPI and AePS.