My Cubes is an indie singleplayer game based on platforms and perseverance. The player uses two cubes that they can fix in the air to create their own parkour to reach the top. The game takes about 1 hour to complete without lots of mistakes and using checkpoints.

The two cubes that the player can use are red. To pick up a cube, the player needs to click on one of them, move it around to find the best spot, and click again to fix it. The player can also take the cube back to move it somewhere else. Additionally, the player can save their current progress using 4 checkpoints only for the current game. If they fall or forget a cube behind, they can always restart from their last saved point and continue.

My Cubes is a challenging game that requires the player to think carefully before making any moves. The player needs to plan their route and make sure that they don’t leave any cubes behind. The game also requires a lot of patience and perseverance, as the player needs to make sure they don’t fall while progressing. The game also rewards creativity, as the player can come up with their own parkour route to reach the top.

In this game, the player’s objective is to reach the top only using two cubes. These cubes can be grabbed and positioned in the air to create platforms to jump on, allowing the player to make progress. The player can also use checkpoints to restore their previous progress in case they fall. Additionally, the game features an integrated timer for speed running, and is listed on

Final Words

My Cubes is an engaging and challenging game that can keep the player entertained for hours. It requires the player to think carefully and plan their route, as well as be creative in order to reach the top. The game also rewards perseverance and patience, as the player needs to be careful not to fall or forget any cubes behind. My Cubes is an excellent game for anyone who loves puzzles and platformers.