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June 28, 2013

Will future Halo menage in breaking the boundaries of multi-player?

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Written by: earnest

The following news will shake the gaming grounds for a little … when 343 Industries is making concrete steps in the direction of a possible revolution, you shouldn’t certainly perceive it as a joke! Studio is now looking for world-class talents being able to produce revolutionary multi-player component for the upcoming Halo title…

Yes, this is more than sure… 343 Industries have made an official advertisement, confirming the previous statement! Although the game title was not mentioned for sure, Halo 5 and 6 were confirmed as the part of the project…

The chosen person will make a great contribution in terms of design and further development of the multi-player component thus creating brand new modes by accessing the 343’s scripting engine… It’s worth pointing out, that the most preferred candidate should have a great experience in the area of
multi-player, (mostly Halo games) and should have accounted for at least single AAA product! As we can see the criteria are extremely hard to meet.. But hey, this is Halo!

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