It’s a one-of-a-kind app designed just for Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 customers. The software essentially functions as a launcher for the outer screen. Generally, the screen doesn’t do anything, but this programme allows you to launch and use apps, adjust quick settings, respond to notifications, and more. Even so, for Flip 3 owners, it’s one of the most distinctive apps.

CoverScreen OS is more than a cover launcher; it emulates a secondary operating system on your Z Flip’s cover screen, with the following features:

  • Adept Support for all third-party Apps home screen widgets
  • Special Cover Launcher / Any app Launcher/Drawer
  • Better Toggle Switches
  • Quality Back and home navigation gestures
  • Appropriate Notifications with respond choices
  • Good Voice Keyboard support
  • Best On-screen LED Notification indication

App Launcher/Drawer             

  • Launch practically any app on your cover screen with back navigation support and voice keyboard input
  • Launch apps in locked orientation – portrait or landscape
  • Quick search apps by alphabet
  • Sort apps alphabetically – ascending/descending

Widgets Screen

  • Put practically any widget, pixel-perfect aligned for the Z Flip 3’s cover screen, of any App you’d normally add to your main display’s homescreen.
  • You may add as many widgets as you like.
  • Widgets can be configured in one of two sizes.
  • You can do nearly anything with the widgets, from tapping a button to running an app.

Quick Toggles Screen

  • Turn on/off Bluetooth
  • Flashlight
  • DND mode
  • Caffeinate – keep screen alive while phone is unfurled
  • Flex Mode – use cover screen while phone is unfolded

Notifications Screen

  • Use the vocal keyboard to respond to any notice.
  • Instantly open notifications on the cover screen or the main screen.
  • Take advantage of the extra actions offered on each notice.
  • Swipe right to dismiss notifications.