Zone Diet: Your Diet App

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Apps Genie Limited
Positivies :easy to use, options, quick result
Negatives :none

When it comes to health issues, it is important to use correct diet as far as your life is concerned. Zone diet is one of the best iPhone application have encountered so far; the app contains information on Zone diet meals that helps you grow healthy and enjoy every second of your entire life. The app is available in iTunes, and I recommend everybody who loves his or her life to download the app and feel the real information about the correct diet. Currently, many people suffer diet-related issues such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and many more. To get rid of such health problems the app is actually up to the task.


The app contains the following 

Learn section;-

  • The first section contains an option where one can address the general health issues such as how to lose weight and burn calories in your body. It contains summarized information on how to tackle health related issues.


Zone diet section;-

  • The Weight Loss Zone; -many people look for a way to reduce their weight and this option of the app contains information on how one can reduce weight slowly while maintaining the ideal weight; many people nowadays use dubious means to achieve it, but the app contains the real information and prompts to follow.
  • Deliveries and health conditions; – when one is delivering one is likely to undergo some health problems. The app contains this section and explains briefly on the correct prompts and steps to follow as far as your health is concerned. It also shows ways on how to tackle the health problems arising.
  • Ten fat blasting facts; – the app contains a section on how to tackle fat content in your body and ways to burn calories when you take in your diet. It has ten facts associated with fat in your body and one will find this information helpful.
  • Zone diet health benefits; – in this section it explains health benefits one can get from the app and much more information right from your iPhone without looking for professionals.
  • Ordinary weight loss programs; – when it comes to weight loss they are many ordinary ways to tackle the problem, but this app provides a unique way to do away with weight loss problems once and for all.
  • Designed for holistic health; – in this section, it talks about how zone diet delivery is designed for holistic health.
  • What you can eat; -in this section it talks about how one can do Zone diet work and what you can eat.
  • Wellness and longevity; -in this section it talks about the reason zone diet enhance wellness and longevity.
  • Low carb high protein diet; – this section talks about protein related issues which are very useful.
  • Understanding the basics; – this section provides basic information
  • Pros and cons; – it contains information about the benefits of zone diet and its cons
  • Zone diet vegetarian; – this sections provide useful information about vegetables


Finally, there are feedback and more section; – it provides links where one can write notes, pdf scanner and voice recorder.


  • The app is easy to use
  • Information given is brief and clear
  • The app provides real content which will help people directly in health related issue


  • The app somehow provides content repetitively
  • It does not cover the all health sector

In general Zone diet app provides useful information on how to tackle diet-related issues and, more importantly, realistic choice for protein food.

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