Zeroed Out : Challenging and Mathematics Game

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Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer :
Positivies :challenging, time killer app
Negatives :None

Zeroed out is a iPhone and iPad game that is very challenging logic and mathematics game. You need to navigate the tiles coloured red from the start point to the end point in order to complete the puzzle. When you move the tile in any direction, vertically or horizontally, it will get swapped into the nearby tile. The game is very exciting and frustrating at the same time.


How to play the Zeroed out game.

1. Navigate the red tile from the start to the end position.

2. When you move the red tile horizontally or vertically, the red tile will get sapped in the neighbouring tile.

3. When the red tile is moved into the new position, the value of that tile will be reduced by one point.

4. When the value of the adjacent tile reduces to zero, you have lost the game because you have been Zeroed out!

You have to make all the moves within the allocated time period. You can adjust the time to suit your needs. To improve your score, you need to make sure that you minimize the number you make as you play the game and also the time you take to play the puzzle.


Features of the game.

– Great sound effects- This game has very amazing and high quality sounds which are very clear. The sound effects make playing the game more enjoyable.
– Many puzzles in each grind-For the lovers of cryptic games like maths and logic games, you have a reason to smile. This game offers around 200 puzzles for each grind! You also have an option of playing either the 6×6 grind or even the 5×5 grind. If you enjoy playing logic games, once you have downloaded this game there is no going back. It is addictive!– Support for iPhones- This game supports all apple devices. From the older versions of Iphone 3 to the latest versions of iPhone 6. No mater your phone you still have the chance to play the game.
– Leaderboard-The game has a leader board that will allow you to compare your self with other players from all over the world. It gives you a chance to become a leader and earn some coins for your effort.


– Free solutions for puzzles-Once you play the puzzle, you can check whether you have got the solutions tight with the puzzle solution offer. Though you have to pay for the solutions, you get two puzzle solutions for free.

– A choice to configure the time limits-The game comes with an ability to configure the time limit of your game. You can configure the time to something that you are comfortable with. This way you will be able to enjoy playing the game at your own pace.

This is one of the most addictive games in the apple app store. Once you start Zeroing Out, you will never stop. Make sure that you carry a charger together with you or buy a portable power bank, coz you will play the game too much that you will be draining the battery every now and then.

Worth Having Game – Download the Game

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