X-Rainbow – Aim At Your Colours Of Life

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Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Ludimate
Positivies :beautiful graphics; simple controls; addictive gameplay; free version available
Negatives :---

It’s rainy season nowadays and Rainbow doesn’t seem to be a rare expression of weather. There are clouds hanging in the middle of the sky all day and you can anytime just raise your hand and take out some fresh lightning out of it in case electricity department is out of stock. But apart from these shocking elements, there is a soothing rainbow that shines in the middle of the sky. Its start and end points are both somewhere on the land and if you’re lucky enough, you might be there to touch it. The seven colours that a rainbow is blessed with are the primary colours of this world and this entire universe is made out of them. We’ll be nothing but watching a black & white movie without them. So what if I tell you that it actually happens? The feeling in itself is cold and shivering.

Well, don’t hide yourself back into your sweet dreams in an attempt to avoid this colourless chaos because you can’t. This is a part of the iOS app called X-Rainbow and you can’t afford to miss it. It has been developed by Ludimate and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or any later version of the OS.

The storyline is very interesting as there is one character called Dr. Darko whose evil intentions take over the world when he freezes all the colours of the rainbow into blocks. So now you’re left with some packets of colours and it’s similar to extracting the sweetness of an ice-cream. But there is a remedy to the problem and that is to shoot down all the blocks so that the frozen colour flies back to the surroundings.

The gameplay consists of a shooter and there are numerous numbers of balls coming out of it. You have to make a way for yourself so that you hit all the blocks as soon as possible. But beware; there are many twists in the tale in the forms of different blocks. They possess different properties such as the bomb block, mover block or the king block. The movements of the balls are random and all you can control is your aim to alter their path. As soon as you adapt to the style of the game, it’s better for you and as much time you take, the deeper you fell.

There are 70 levels in total and there is a gradual increase in difficulty as you progress. That’s why it’s said that it’s easy to start with but difficult to master. The graphics are rich and sharp and the $0.99 price tag for this game is too small to talk about. However, if you still want to check it out yourself, you can take a shot at the 20 level free version of the game. So if you have some ample time to kill, go for this one.

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Check the Android Version of X-Rainbow also

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