Today we are reviewing a product that has held an unchanging position on the MMO-FPS market for years… We are – of course talking of Wolfteam! Upon closer inspection, title can be perceived as truly extraordinary… The unique game-play prospect assumes players are able to freely shift their shape into Wolf Form (anytime throughout the game)! This is as simple as pressing a single button…

Game for some reason includes only multi-player mode… So it should be polished nearly to perfection in order to set Wolfteam apart from the competition! When taking into account available maps, those were implemented very well and allow for different game-play styles… For example Zeppelin, is an open area level, with narrow corridors in it, which will certainly satisfy snipers!

What’s worth mentioning is the fact, that each map contains enough structures and cover elements in order to make matches exciting and tactically challenging! Wolf Form gives speed advantage and is obviously more durable than human (more health points)… Humans, in comparison are more suitable for dealing with wolves with the use of special weaponry! Wolfteam offers the best in terms of design and visuals, as for a Free-To-Play title… Game scores high when it comes to the sound department, which boast really immense voice acting!

Wolfteam is an extremely solid example of the MMO-FPS genre… It combines tactical shooting, smart level designs and above all this is an enjoyable experience. Do make yourself some pleasure and Enter Wolfteam now!

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