Life has been so much busy for me lately, so whenever I have some time to spare I wish to just sit down and bust out some games. It takes the pressure off for a while, and it’s relaxing, you know? My favorite genre of game is racing, as they’re fast but entertaining at the same time. When Wheelie King 3D – Best Bike Game was released I love them right away. There’s just something about those fast racing and the mix of glory that are hard to resist.

I can definitely say that Wheelie King 3D developed by Kimble Games does not disappoint. Actually riding the bike is my favorite activity that I adore to do. I seek some bike games and luckily I got Wheelie King 3D. It is available at Google play store for Android platform. Primarily it is also available at Apple Store for iOS. From the title itself, you can qualitatively predict that it is a 3D game so it’s really amazing to play.

If people adore riding a bike on a mobile phone, then you must try Wheelie King 3D game once. It’s really nice bike racing app that you can play. Those who wish to ride a bike can have this game as one of the best platforms. It’s a challenging game and one must need to play it with care.

Let’s see some of the features of this game.


  • Customize your bikes: Users can change the look of your bike. Select any color for your bike as per your choice.
  • Multiple tracks: You can come across many kinds of tracks that it is possible to select for riding.
  • Daily missions: There are so many missions that you can get in this game.
  • Race: There is a race against the ghost time attack game mode.
  • Various scooters and bikes: There are scooters of 50cc and turbo bikes of 1300cc.
  • Upgrade bikes: Players can upgrade your bikes.
  • Leader boards: Users can check your achievements at the leader board.
  • Different views: Players care able to view the bike from different angles. 

In conclusion Wheelie King 3D developed by Kimble Games is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.


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Suresh Kumar