Wealth Words! – For Cross Word Game Lovers

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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : Wealth Words
Positivies :fun, easy to play
Negatives :none

Let me ask a question from you? do you love to play crossword puzzle game in your daily life? if yes,then let me tell you one thing that you can earn a real money just by playing the crossword puzzle game.It is one of the most popular game in the world.Yes you just heard right,today i am gonna introduce a webapp to all of you named as ”Wealth words” with an online address http://www.wealthwords.com/.

What Wealthwords.com is?

As the name Wealthwords indicates that you can win real money just by playing with words. You can win some extra cash in the event that you are great at crossword puzzle by playing games at Wealth Words site.You can start it now but for that you will have to register for the website in order to play games.You can register through your facebook account as well.After signup you must have to buy tokens to play games. you should need to purchase tokens to play games.A single token expenses around 2$ and you can purchase as much as you need so as to get high value.

Now you can play games,simply a crossword board will be in front of you and you just have to complete the words in order to finish sentence.One thing should be noted here is that there is 24 hours time limit for a specific game and when you get start you just only have one hour to complete puzzle and after 24 hours you can check the result.If you will win,you obviously get a good amount of money. Not every one of the puzzle require tokens beacuse a few ones are allowed free to play while some oblige tokens to play.Some require 1 token while some require 2 and so on. The money prizes are partitioned into 2 divisions, division 1 and division 2. The Division 1 prizes are granted to the players who answer 20 out of 20 inquiries accurately, and the Division 2 prizes are offered to the player who has amend answers if no single player gets 20.



1 You can play anywhere and anytime.2 You can make a huge money upto hundred and thousands of dollars just by investing 2$.3 It is 100% legit webapp.4 You can register through your facebook profile in order to save time.5 Website has training tutorials for the beginners6 Best of all that you can earn just by playing game.6


1 i didn’t really like their age requirement for registration beacuse i think kids should also be allowed to play.2 There is not any signup bonus for the users.3 Password input process is somehow difficult during registration for the newbiesas they askAn 8 character minimum password with 1 Capital letter & 1 Non-Alphanumeric character must be provided.


To conclude all this i will really recommend this method of online earning to all of you because it is an outstanding and addictive game which even gives the clients a chance to make the real money.So whats to wait for? Go to their official address http://www.wealthwords.comand join now to turn your passion into profit

Worth Playing Game – Try Wealth Words Now

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