Online games have become more fun than when they started. With the rise of new games and technological advancement, the gaming world has seen a lot of innovative games come into play. ‘Warrior Jump’ is a new game that has taken the gaming world by storm. You may think it is easy to play with, but the game just seems too interesting to quit. Developed by the Mdunge company, ‘Warrior Jump’ is an Arcade type of game that is compatible with all Smartphones that run on Android.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Warrior Jump’ application on your smartphone or other Android devices. Open the game once it is installed into your device. Choose the warrior you want to play with and hit the play button. Once the game starts, tap to jump to higher levels and avoid the masks, rocks and arrows. Collect the diamonds. As your diamond collection increases, you get to go to the next levels and choose different warriors. As you rise to further levels you get to be declared as the ultimate Zulu Warrior. Take a break from the regular games and get to play a more challenging game with the ‘Warrior Jump’.

Features of the game:

‘Warrior Jump’ has many cool features that attract players to download the game. Some among these features are listed below here.

  • The game is user-friendly as it is designed with a simple UX and UI
  • The game is responsive to play with single tap controls
  • It is exciting and challenging at the same time with a smooth gameplay
  • There is a wide range of warrior masks you can play with. Each warrior has a unique characteristics

Compatible with:

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