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Genre : Role Playing
Platform : MMORPG | PC
Developer : Ankama Studio
Positivies :; great visuals ;original combat sequences
Negatives :; after completing a tutorial players can get lost

Let’s start with the statement, that Wakfu has incredible production values, as for a free MMO-RPG. Beginning with graphics and ending on audio department everything is greatly polished here. Fortunately, this title ends up as something more than a sweet looking ice-cream! Wakfu has a few ideas, that though not revolutionary are well-enough implemented to be worth a closer inspection… I’m going to go into more detail about them now.

Let’s begin with combat, which in Wakfu takes a non-ordinary route, because it’s completely turn-based.. During each turn we can order specific actions that will be performed by character… In Wakfu we get a given action limit, that can be made, so you have to constantly keep an eye on it! There is a very handy tool in the game – tiny menu that shows up opponent’s statistics, such as level, health points and other status related info. This feature is incredibly useful when facing two or more creatures of different type…

Generally, game offers a tactical approach to combat. In many situations you will have to think of not only your actions, but also try to predict opponent’s moves. In Wakfu you can choose from a cast of (watch out!) 15 playable classes! Each of them has a different path of development and own skills and attacks, that will certainly take time to master! Unfortunately most of the skills in Wakfu are not that simple to get handle of… To my taste these powers should be less complicated and more “specialized” into one strong category.

Game is also quite original in terms of setting, which is something like a crossover of Japanese culture and fantasy! Wakfu’s characters are charming and interesting… Game has also a very nice tutorial, though upon finishing it, leaves you a little bit “lost”… This is one of the weaker points of the game. It should be improved so players wouldn’t have a hard time getting into the game.

When taking all of the earlier-mentioned factors into account, there can be no other verdict for this title… Wakfu can be a very unique and immense adventure, if you only are able to appreciate the values embedded in the tactical side of the game. Certainly recommended.

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