ViViDe Poker 2 – Challenging Game For All !

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Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : MJ GARAGE Inc
Positivies :Fun, Screens and sound
Negatives :none

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ViViDe Poker 2 (free) by MJ GARAGE Inc. is a new challenging game that involves a mix of puzzles and poker whereby you use 25 cards to determine your destiny. If you are a fan of side scrolling poker games which test your gambling abilities, you definitely ought to check out ViViDe Poker 2.


Normally, I am not so much of a poker enthusiast, unless it comes to something like Texas hold �em poker but the moment I saw the ViViDe Poker 2 trailer, I got intrigued due to the fact that it seemed a lot fun.

ViViDe Poker 2 involves placing cards in twenty five slots over five columns as well as five rows. This then creates room for ten poker-hands. Your aim is trying to make good poker hands by placing the cards in the slots. The poker hands each have certain score-values which are displayed on the screen’s bottom. Several stages which test your poker abilities are available. However, for you to access a higher stage, you ought to get good scores to beat the set quota once the poker-hands are graded. Several mini-games appear between stages whose results have an effect on score values of the poker hands. Passing over the stages might actually take you loads of time while you learn and experience the game. You are guaranteed losing on several occasions in ViViDe Poker 2 because the computer is obviously intelligent.


First, a whole deck containing cards that have been shuffled is displayed and it is upon you to keep on tapping on one of the 25 slots so that you can place one card on the selected slot. You must then continue the tapping till a time that you fully fill all available slots with the cards. For good scores, you should build flush-hands in rows and if possible build full houses, pairs etc. in columns. Finally, keep off from the High-card.

For each and every round of ViViDe Poker that you play, you require a single coin. Green coins do replenish as time goes although if you can purchase gold coins to play more often.


The ViViDe Poker 2 visuals are stunning. It has an art design that brings a lot of charm to the game. Its animations are smooth as butter and will run excellently on your iPhone devoid of any issue. It has reasonably unique music which adds greater personality to ViViDe Poker 2. Moreover, the Sound effects are eccentric.

As said above am no poker games’ fan, but ViViDe Poker 2 is an enjoyable game. Its art-style is delightful, it has easy controls and is packed with lots of fun. Additionally, it will challenge you enough and keep you busy. I highly recommend that you check out ViViDe Poker 2 if you have got the mood for a highly bizarre but entertaining poker game.

ViViDe Poker 2 is Compatible with iOS 7.0/ later. It supports iPad, iPod and iPhone touch platforms. It has however been optimized for the iPhone-5. It is available on the apple’s App-Store and it comes as a universal-download for free although you might be charged the normal data rates apply.

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