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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : UTM Generator
Positivies :UI , easy to use, simple, useful
Negatives :none

What do you mean by UTM in reference to the digital marketing? Have you ever set up an online marketing campaign? If you have ever promoted your business, your products, events through the online marketing campaigns, you may have done a variety of things. It’s not very easy to set up these Campaigns. There are several modes of Campaign such as social media, newsletter, email invitations, banners, etc. You can attract more and more people through these Campaigns and increase the traffic on your website. However, we don’t know which mode of the Campaign was the most effective which attracted the customers. If we know about the mode, we can work on the campaign and focus on that. So a UTM is added to your URL which will track the source of campaign.

UTM is abbreviated as Urchin Tracking Module which is a small piece of code added to the end of any URL of a website. UTM Generator easily generates UTM tracking link to analyse where all the traffic in your website is coming from. It helps to track the Campaign source, medium and name so that you will know which campaign is working for your business and bought you more customers. As a user, when I surf the Internet and search for something, I usually see ads, links, etc., which leads to a certain webpage when we click them intentionally or by mistake. These links and ads are the sources of campaigns.

Advantages of using a UTM Generator:

Taking a general example- if you are running a Chinese restaurant and so many people come and eat there and you want to know how they reached your restaurant or what led them here. What will you do? Will you waste your time by asking each and every person or just place a feedback board on your restaurant by asking them about the source of Campaign that led them here? I will definitely give them a feedback form. So UTM Generator is just like that.

It helps you to save your time and trace back the traffic of your website and use it for online marketing campaigns. If you know the traffic source, you can change the strategy of your online marketing campaigns easily. If you don’t use a UTM, you will never get to know which campaign is working and which is not!

A UTM tracking link is composed of various parameters which are combined and thus create a UTM tracking link that can be easily added to your website URL. When you don’t use a UTM Generator, you will generally make small mistakes such as handling space errors, case sensitivity, but, with the help of the UTM Generator app, you will avoid the possible pitfalls.

All you need to do is to fill a simple form which is available on the official website- https://utm-generator.com and generate your personal UTM tracking code totally free of cost.

So go for it now and create a UTM tracking link for your website!

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