Twirlaloop Slots : Who Needs Vegas?

by | May 23, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Tony Suriyathep
Positivies :beautiful screens, fun app
Negatives :none

I’ll admit it, I love to gamble. The strategy, the thrill and the dream of hitting big have always enticed me. I have traveled to casinos all over the world and gambled at card tables, shoot craps and bet on sports. All of those activities pale in comparison to playing slot machines. There is something fun about the immediacy and the simplicity of playing a slot machine. Seeing those bars twirl and praying for the correct combination just never gets old for me. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered the app Twirlaloop Slots.


Twilaloop Slots is an app available for i-phone, i-pad and now even the apple watch. The app was developed and published by Tony Suriyathep, who has experience designing slot games, so the playing experience is authentic and similar to a real slot machine. By downloading the app from the app store you can have it on all your devices, but I warn you, it may become a huge distraction. With the app on all your devices, you can play under one account so you can share the coins in your account and continue to play the game no matter where you are.


When you download the app you are given a bankroll of 1,000 coins, which you can wager at the slots. At first, the only game available to you as a player in called Red Sevens. Red Sevens is a simple odds game with 3 slots you are lining up. As I played, the odds changed and the price per spin changed. The more I wagered per spin, the more I won until I leveled up. If you run out of coins or don’t have the bankroll to spin, you can buy more coins from the casino. The prices are about $1 per 10,000 coins, which can buy quite a few spins depending on where you set the price per spin. In addition, the app allots 300 free coins per day to users.


Eventually, after enough success at Red Sevens you will reach level 3 and you will unlock the second game which is called Diamond Mine. The Diamond Mine game is a bit more complex. Here there are three spins of three diamonds each and the ultimate goal is to reach the 100 times multiplier diamond. I haven’t reached it yet, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.

Finally, when you reach level 7 of the game, the third slot game is unlocked. It is called Fruit Frenzy and is the fastest paced, craziest and most fun game on the app. I have been ripping through my spins, winning multipliers and spending a lot of my free time spinning.

There is a leader board on the app that keeps track of coin and lists the top scorers on the app. The leader board also keeps track of your different achievements in the game and has a challenge board where friends can send challenges to each other.

Overall, this is a fun, authentic app and a good way to entertain in your downtime. Plus, the app looks beautiful on the apple watch. Try not to get addicted!

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