TSC Music – iPhone App Review

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :simple, UI, easy to use
Negatives :none

Today is the time where nearly everybody loves listening to the loud music to mention rock and hip hop. Many people when they want to focus on the problem at hand without distractions they use ear plugs. What worries more is that people do not think of their limits to the sounds. Different people can handle different limits, without being put in danger. When the volumes exceed the limit, it can be destructive. In the current technology, there are invention apps which protect people hearing. This app also allows the hearing to high quality music which is safe to ears. This app is the TSC music iPhone app.

This app is safe to use. The reason for it being safe is because it regulates the volume according to the listener preference. It carries out a hearing examination to both ears and uses the result to give the required music which cannot damage the eardrums. The app behaves as an equalizer. To give this effect, it also alternates the the pitch, wavelength and other musical components. This result into good health accompanied by enjoyment.

The app also can remedy hearing ability tampered with before. This corrective mechanism has been tested, and the result shows that the app is improving lost hearing abilities.The app achieves this because it do not go beyond the normal hearing levels and it is possible to customize it in accordance to the user hearing levels. The design of the app is such a way that it can be handled easily and is neat. The user can determine the period they have been using the app. There is a handy graph presenting the information showing the highest and lowest index values and the time in use.

The app also has a perfect display with a simple to operate navigation system that is friendly to the user by offering the best service to the user. There is a broad range of the users who employ the easy to use the system. It also provides the solution to those who love music and do not want to risk their hearing to being impaired. When installing the app for the first time, one need to sign up for an account followed by a short tutorial showing the app features. To add to the advantage, when using the app one is connected with you tube, sound cloud, and Spotify. This integration offers an extensive range of music sources where the users can access them.

There are cons on using the app. For the app, to operate and serve the user according to their preference it is regularly paid. Spending on every log in can be straining to the users as they cannot access the services when they have run out of cash. The other disadvantage is that every time one need to use the app they must log in. This process is tedious and becomes annoying to the users as it is repetitive. The other disappointing thing when using this app is that when using it, one must have the headphones. This limit those who do not like using the headphones.

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