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Genre : Earning
Platform : Android | iPhone / iPad
Developer :
Positivies :Earning App
Negatives :None

I am able to take reprieve in finding out new mobile app arrivals across a multitude of platforms, which is always pulling me. Most of the time I like to unwind with something unique app features like you can experience it in this popular app, namely Triviata app developed by Veratech from the Play Store and App Store.

More importantly the main point of the app is for people to download it and professionally earn crystals by watching ads and doing tasks on offer walls. The game itself is a promotion for people to earn crystals and convert the crystals into crypto currency at

You can also experience the Quiz game with thousands of questions on various topics. It is possible to select the quiz length and difficulty. The users can beat others in global and local competitions so earn crystals, and spend them in-game.

The crypto currency is called VRA and is listed on many exchanges. Therefore liquid can be converted to BTC and USD at The app has a referral program that works by simply clicking the ‘Share’ button in the profile and it makes 10% on all the crystals while the shared friends make forever.

What is about Verasity?

It is a suite of blockchain enhanced video platform technologies professionally designed to supercharge the online video ecosystem.

Moreover the crystals can be redeemed for VRA and into cash at any time. People are building huge revenues streams by just sharing and getting their friends to watch video ads and do offer wall tasks.

It is also conveyed that you can also go through the Triviata guide. There is also start of a two week competition from tomorrow where you can earn crystals from Referrals in the Triviata app to get to the top of the competition leaderboard.

In addition one can also make 10% of the crystals earned from referred accounts forever. The full rules for the competition are also pinned for sake of users. You also have Telegram group where the support, info group for Triviata and VRA all questions are answered about the competition and the mobile app.


Currently, the app is wholly qualitative for me to use with the top features. I also highly suggest if you are looking for distinctive features, you will love what Triviata app developed by Veratech has to offer.


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