Tricky Towers : Lovely Tower Building Game !

by | Jun 26, 2016 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Marcus Dobler
Positivies :UI, fun, graphics
Negatives :None

Tricky towers is a 3D tower building puzzle game, where one can build a higher tower by combining two towers of equal height. The user starts with a tower of height 1. After every move, a tower of height 1 or 2 appears randomly on a block of the playfield. The playfield is 4×4 square grid, which can be rotated by swiping left or right on the screen. When you stop rotating the playfield, the side facing towards the user displays two arrows facing upwards and downwards respectively, indicating that the blocks can be moved or combined by swiping up or down. The objective is to build the highest tower, however, the score is based on the points earned during the entire gameplay. The points earned are two times the height of the tower created. For example, you get 4 points for a tower of height 2. The game is available in five different colors, viz. purple, eco green, inky blue, enticing red and orange. A soothing, fun music is played in the background during the game, which can be turned On and Off by the user.


There are two modes of play in this game – Endless and Missions. In the endless mode, there are no time limits or goals. The can play and set a high score till all the blocks of the playfield are occupied and no more moves can be made. This mode can be used for competing with friends in the Game Center. In the Missions mode, there are 80 different missions. In each mission, the user has only a limited number of moves to complete the mission. The missions range from the easiest to the most difficult ones, where each mission requires a specific number of towers for each height to be created. For example, to complete mission 6, the user has to build three towers of height 3 and four towers of height 1, in 50 moves.


-Easy to understand due to the game’s block layout.
-A Simple 3D Game Screen.
-Good Responsive Touch Controls.
-Mind Engaging and a Highly Addictive Puzzler.
-Easy 1 finger controls.


-Takes a few game rounds to understand.
-Swipe control sensitivity cannot be adjusted.

Final Verdict:

Tricky towers is a fun and addictive game, that will keep your mind busy and force you to think ways to build higher towers and complete challenging missions. The missions mode gives it variety, and the endless modes makes sure that the user can engage even after the mission are completed. This game can be more fun while playing and competing with friends on Game Center. The background music helps to keep the mind calm to engage in the game more productively, and the block theme and layout of the game, makes it easier to understand all the functions. Instructions are displayed when the user first opens the app, and can be viewed anytime in the menu. Though the controls are easily understood and can be operated by a single finger, it takes time for the user to get adjusted to the playfield grid movements associated with controls. Overall, this is a good game to pass the time and have a little fun on your phone.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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