Trials HD makes for a historic example, when product price (400 MP) should be much higher than in reality… So my question for now is, instead of “is it worth to get Trials HD”, but “why didn’t you get it now”? Trials HD is a “game-play bomb”, and certainly is in possession of rare additivity, that will make you come back for more… Main idea behind this product revolves around doing trial runs, which will certainly test your sense of timing and handling the motocross.

Most of these will be performed at full speed and require ninja-reflex to be completed! Completing a trial, awards you a few bonuses (new motocross, customization options) that will be available from now on. Game has incredible amounts of re-playability. This is, because Trials involves a great motivation system.. It will make you repeat the same level for hundreds of times, just to see if you could do a mili-second better! Mastering a higher score, gives you a satisfaction that is incomparable to anything!

Trials HD scores high in terms of graphics, the same can be said of audio department! Trials, while using a very simple game-play idea, makes for it with huge style and pure power when speeding through insanely designed levels. In Trials HD you will be tested against pure barriers of yours skill, when running at the speed of light, jumping, and in the middle of it – doing crazy tricks in air!

Trials HD, as for a Xbox live arcade product, offers unmatched quality in action department! Game scores very high in terms of re-playability and clever level designs! Trials HD is strongly recommended to anyone, not even to motocross fans.

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